Weightlifting 101 for College Students

Weightlifting 101 for College Students
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    There are different methods of implementing weight programs. They include cardio, diets and weightlifting.

    Weightlifting is essentially the most important technique which can provide a more chiseled result on your body.


There are different methods of implementing weight programs. They include cardio, diets and weightlifting. Weightlifting is essentially the most important technique which can provide a more chiseled result on your body.

Weightlifting takes four major varieties which include:

  1. Functional training:
    it attempts to develop exercise forms that can enable individuals to improve their performance on daily activities. It is also meant to help in minimizing injuries. If for example, the activity is hiking, functional training will optimize all the physiological aspects involved in hiking.
  2. Weightlifting sport:
    weightlifting can also be a form of sporting activity. An example is the Olympic Games where weightlifting is a sport. The goal of the sporting competition is to lift more weight than fellow competitors in a similar weight class.
  3. Bodybuilding:
    weight training can be used to induce intensive muscle hypertrophy. This results in the increase in size of the muscle cells which in turn expands the size of your muscles.
  4. Strength training:
    this is different from body building since it is not focused on appearance of the body. Strength training is aimed at improving the health and functionality of the body.

The above mentioned varieties are the focus of weight training. You should develop the goals of your weightlifting plan based on them. There are numerous advantages of weightlifting as a method of implementing weight programs. For instance:

  • weightlifting is versatile. You can carry out different exercises using a single tool like a barbell.
  • it helps in building strength as well as achieving a balanced weight.
  • there is more muscle buildup with an increase in weightlifting.
  • it helps in burning calories hence reducing body fat.
  • it can improve your health by increasing testosterone levels as well as cardiovascular joints.

Sometimes it is often confusing to get started with weight training. This is due to the difficulty of determining the right kind of workout program to engage in as well as the frequency of the routine. You should therefore seek consultation from fitness experts who can assist you in setting up the weightlifting program.

If you should decide to set up your own program, then consider some essential principles which will guide you into developing an effective workout plan. These principles will determine the weights to use, the sets and frequency of workouts. They include:

  • Overload:
    building muscles requires the use of more resistance of the muscles than the normal ability. With more overload, the body has more capability to endure more workload as well as avoiding plateaus.
  • Specificity:
    be specific and focus on your goal. Therefore, if your aim is increasing body strength, the work-out program should be developed based on that goal.
  • Progression:
    you should increase the intensity of the work-out in order to adapt more easily. This is done by changing sets, exercises, and increasing weights. These changes should be done periodically.
  • Warm up:
    always warm up before commencing the weightlifting exercises. This heats up the muscles so they’re ready for the work-out. It also prevents injury.
  • Rest and recovery:
    it is always important to take breaks in between sets. You should also have rest days when no work-out activities take place. The rest periods are meant for muscle growth and recovery.

If you abide by the above principles, you’ll be in a proper position to start your weightlifting exercises. In fact, you can think of this as the holy grail of weightlifting. Go ahead and share the content with your buddies. You wouldn’t want them missing out on this, right?

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