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Student Health

5 Key Benefits of Student Health Insurance

Student days are some of the best of our lives, for many of us. If we go on to study at university after college we get the chance to expand our minds and academic horizons.

Campus News

NCEE Study Faults High Schools on Student Community College Preparedness

Tweet Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, offer a higher education starting point for many students. The College Board notes that more than 1,200 such schools

Campus News

Stepped Up Discounting and Private College Enrollment

The competition for college students is a keen one, something particularly felt by private colleges and universities. To lure students to privately funded institutions, such colleges must step up the tuition discounting to compete against taxpayer-funded public schools.


What You Need to Know About College References

Your admission to college is based on several factors including your grades, your test scores and your extracurricular activities. Another factor, sometimes not recognized for its importance, are the personal references you include with your application.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Software Developer

Systems-level software developers remain in great demand, individuals skilled at creating, designing and testing software for a variety of computer application purposes.

Personal Advice

Graduation Garden Party Etiquette Guide

>Choosing the wrong attire can be a shame when you’re attending an event to mark the end to your college career.

Education Tips

Why Summer Classes Can Rock Your World

Tweet Summer classes can rock your world by having a profound impact on your studies. These days students have many options available to them for acquiring college credit. If you

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Big Ten Divisional Shift & Schedule Change

Tweet Legends and Leaders are no more. At least when describing the two names for the Big Ten Conference’s football divisions. East vs. West This past week the Big Ten