Get Prepared For Your Final Exams

Get Prepared For Your Final Exams
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    With your final exams looming, months of attending class, taking notes, studying and research will reveal if your hard work has paid off.

    Hopefully, you are not cramming for your exams, rather you have been working carefully toward taking your finals with an eye to getting the best possible grades.


Eating right and getting ample sleep leading up to your finals can help you stay alert while taking your exams. There are other steps that you can and should take as you study.

1. Find a study partner. Studying alone can be a drag, especially if there are certain subjects where you can use some help. Chances are that some of your classmates are having similar struggles, so why not set aside a few hours for a group study? Have everyone bring their notes, textbooks and coffee to share what you’ve learned. Take a mock exam and then compare your results.

2. Review your textbook. Beyond mere words on a page, your college textbooks offer a wealth of information, details your professors may have cited time and again. Compare your notes with your highlighted pages and review the salient points. Don’t be afraid to develop your own opinion, but be prepared to defend it if given the opportunity to do so in an essay.

3. Find quiet places to study. Whether you are studying solo or as part of a group, find a place where you can study without outside distraction. Time is of the essence — distractions can disturb your focus and make it difficult to absorb information. You’ll get done sooner and retain more information if your study area is relatively quiet.

4. Study in increments. Cramming for a test means putting off your studying until the last minute and staying up late to finish your work. Come test time you may retain enough information to pass, even excel with your exam, but your long-term retention will not be sufficient. Study for your exam, but also study like it matters for your career. Because it does. Split your exam preparation over several days and you’ll retain more for the long haul.

5. Make a schedule. Hopefully, your college did not schedule a big activity such as a game or a student event during finals. Don’t even think about attending if you haven’t completed your studying or if attending throws off your schedule. Speaking of schedules, if you do not have one, then you are missing out. Use a hard copy planner or your smartphone to set up reminders and to time your study sessions. Yes, there is an “app” for that.

Looking Ahead

The expression, “keep your eyes on the prize” is an appropriate one for exam test taking time. You can feel buried in work, overwhelmed and anxious, but keep everything in perspective. Because if you approach your final exams carefully, you will know that you did your best. And you will also enjoy your break from classes better as you won’t fret for failing to prepare.

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