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How To Take Notes Effectively in College (Part 2/2)

Tweet Continue from Part 1: taking notes effectively #3 Develop a Note-taking Method That Works for You. Most of the people that take notes on a regular basis cannot read

Education Tips

How To Take Notes Effectively in College (Part 1/2)

Tweet You do not have to work in a big company or to be a student in order to take notes. Notes are helpful even in informal situations like writing

Education Tips

How to Pull Up Your College Grades (Before it is Too Late)

Tweet Your grades are in trouble and if they do not improve, you may find yourself drummed out of college. Indeed, that’s an abhorrent prospect facing some students as they

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How to Tackle a Lengthy Report With Little Time to Spare

Tweet Your big report is due next week and you haven’t even started it. Your professor approved the title, but that is as far as you have gone. Welcome, my

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How to Survive a Boring Class

You really didn’t think that every class you’re required to take in college would be a walk in the park, did you? Maybe among your chosen electives you thought you’d pick the winners, but every college requires students to take classes that they aren’t particularly fond of be that Microeconomics, Introduction to Polynesian History, or Visual Calculus.

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Get Prepared For Your Final Exams

With your final exams looming, months of attending class, taking notes, studying and research will reveal if your hard work has paid off. Hopefully, you are not cramming for your exams, rather you have been working carefully toward taking your finals with an eye to getting the best possible grades.

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How to Study for a College Exam

Tweet 7 steps to help you cram for a test. Cramming is how you’ll get prepared and I’m going to show you how to do that and get a higher

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15 Tips For Writing Your College Term Paper

Tweet It is April and you haven’t started your term paper yet. Shame on you! Seriously, procrastination is an art form and it can be fun to watch panicked students

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10 A-Level Revision Techniques

Tweet By Matt Deo Whether you go to a state school, private school, boarding school or college, exams are a part of life. So what are the best techniques to