How to Avoid Alcohol Pressure While at College

How to Avoid Alcohol Pressure While at College
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    Despite a national drinking age of 21, alcohol is widely available across most of the nation’s campuses.

    Some schools such as Brigham Young University not only ban alcohol, but require students to adhere to an honor code.

    Violate the code and students can be disciplined or expelled.


For students that attend colleges and universities where alcohol consumption is the norm, they can either choose to imbibe or abstain. For those students that choose the latter, they may face peer pressure or isolation that can make college difficult for them. Even so, there are ways for you to avoid alcohol pressure while at college and enjoy your academic pursuits at the same time.

Take a stand up front.

As you meet people while attending college you will soon be invited to parties and other events where alcohol is freely dispensed. Early on, you can explain to your friends that you value their friendship, but that you do not consume alcohol.

Some people may press you for the reason why you abstain and sharing that reason is entirely up to you. As long as you do not judge others for their imbibing, your true friends won’t judge you. If they do, then they are not worthy of your friendship.

Attend parties with a clear conscience.

Quite easily, you can attend parties and choose not to drink. For some people, just the smell of alcohol sickens them and they will want to stay away. If you are not bothered by the smell, then attend.

You may find that going to a party for an hour or two gives you enough of a social escape. You can leave once the heavy drinking commences or if things get boisterous.

Firmly stand your ground.

One reason why some people do not attend parties where alcohol is served is that they are constantly asked to have a brew or other drink. This can grow wearisome. For others, alcohol is a source of temptation and staying away is the best option.

One way to enjoy a party without drinking or worrying about giving in is to attend the party with a friend who also abstains. You can keep each other accountable while still enjoying people.

Attend events where drinks are not served.

Not every college activity involves drinking. Indeed, your school may forbid alcohol consumption and strictly enforce all campus-approved events to keep them alcohol-free. Here, you have numerous choices for interaction with your fellow students including sporting events, clubs, and other sanctioned programs.

Likely, you will want to avoid fraternity and sorority events that tend to sneak in the alcohol and in great numbers at that. If you find the pickings slim reach out to other non-imbibing students and build friendships with them.

Party Considerations

If you will be attending an event where you suspect alcohol will be served, provide your own transportation to and from that event. You do not want to ride in a car with someone who gets behind the wheel intoxicated.

Keep in mind that as you attend parties where alcohol is served, you risk getting into trouble if you are under age and the police bust the party. In that case, simply avoid such parties.

If you are of full legal age, you should also know that alcohol can cause other problems including sex crimes where a sober person takes advantage of someone under the influence. Also, if someone at the party becomes intoxicated too fast, they can be at risk for alcohol poisoning. You may need to call for medical assistance to intervene on this individual’s behalf.

Ultimately, attending any party where you feel uncomfortable may not be worth risking your reputation or harming your health. Keep in mind that even if your drink is non-alcoholic, someone could place a drug in your drink, knocking you out. This could place you in physical harm.

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