Are You College Ready?

Are You College Ready?
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    If you ask a school student about what they look forward to in life, the answer will always be "College" with an exclamation mark.

    "A small step for man but a giant step for mankind" could have been said about entering college life too.


In the process of growing up, there are certain stages that affect you the most; which absolutely change your life. Some of them are (a) your birth (b) college and (c) your becoming dust. To be prepared for this new (ad)venture, the youngsters need to sort out some stuff.

Chapter A- Finances

New friends would require you going out for bonding sessions. Expense. If you have an automobile, expense. If you are a public transport person, this expense goes down but good luck with India and its population. Food in college will cost money. If your college does not serve food, you’ll eat somewhere out. Expense again. So instead of burning a hole in your wallet figuratively, I suggest you do it literally, just to save yourself.

Chapter B- The Other gender

You need an ever-changing hairstyle. You need those new clothes. Obviously finances kick back in again too; it always will. But if you want to mingle well with the other gender, there is a minimum price for that. You can always go for online shopping options like the and use Nordstorm promo codes to be at your fashionable best for that.

Chapter C- Food on campus

If you’re wondering what a certain food item is doing on this list, read on. Peanut butter and cheese would probably become your most dear companion throughout your college life. So decide to manage your diet beforehand. Of course finding cheap and healthy food on campus might not be easy but you do not want to gain those extra pounds for sure.

Chapter D- Academics

Depending on the seriousness of your teachers and of the students around you, gauge where you stand and then think. Thinking is a weapon that is at your own disposal. Seriously, use it well. Knowledge will help you through life, not just college. But knowledge more emphatically is one asset that stays forever. Seriousness is really handy to an extent but don’t push it. Use your brain in areas that require its attention and always study smart.

Chapter X, Y, Z- Life

So here we are, the final chapter. We have arrived at the point where you need to look through your college days and envisage your life beyond that. College is all about cementing your place in the world, the foundation on which you build yourself so don’t waste it. Accept what goes on around you, be practical. The more you try and abstain from something, the more you find yourself drawn towards it. Therefore it is important to learn how to strike a balance between your extracurricular activities and your core work.

Though you don’t need to pressurize yourself to realize your calling but try to at least have a rough idea of likes and dislikes before coming out to face the real world.

The sooner you start moving towards your goal, the better it is!


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