It Is Time to Sing For The Unsung Heroes!

It Is Time to Sing For The Unsung Heroes!
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    Defining unsung heroes is difficult.

    The dictionary states that a hero is a person who is appreciated and admire for courage, nobility, compassion and kindness.


However, how to interpret its meaning is every individual’s choice. Some people believe that a hero is an exceptional athlete, a local cop, army men or medical professionals. It is all up to the individual how they define unsung hero. Someone who does a great and heroic job, but get little or no recognition is known as an unsung hero.

There are many great and influential people about whom many songs were written. Unsung heroes are those, who sacrificed their lives, but their story is lost somewhere in history. No song was written about them as they died a humble death, but just as brave. Unsung heroes can also be applied to mythology. As these were the people in history, they were not given right respect for what they invented or discovered.

Heroes come from every corner and from all possible domains. But do we actually stop to wonder about their bravery or wit? The honest answer is ‘No’. We appreciate those heroes whose work and deed are world famous. But we never take time out to acknowledge the unsung heroes in our lives. Those heroes with whom we live and share our lives. These are the people of our societies. These are the people who make small yet significant things to make a big difference. Some of them are not even educated, yet their actions leave an incredible mark on people’s heart. It is time to sing their praises.

There are many institutes like who acknowledge the work of the unsung heroes. These are the people pursuing a simple yet deep cause in your community. Just open your eyes and look around you. There are your neighbors who keep a watch in order to protect your neighborhood from robbers. These are the people who have dedicated some time to ensure the safety of other people. There are  people who keep kids out of the streets by teaching them skills like pottery, sewing, plumbing, carpentry etc, so that they do not go hungry. Then there are men and women who fill the potholes in our streets to ensure our safety. There are people and institutes who take care of elderly people and underprivileged children, so that they can live a normal life. These are the people who are the architects of an ideal society. They bind our communities and protect everyone from social upheaval.

There are many unsung heroes from mythology or science field who have made amazing inventions, but their work has gone unnoticed. There are unsung heroes in the church who teach your children important values of life. The unsung hero can be the remarkable coach, who has taught your children some sport and developed sportsmanship spirit. There are many unsung heroes in the history, who have played major roles in getting freedom for their country. Now is the time to know their worth. So use your imagination to find ways to celebrate the unsung heroes of the world. Try to dig into the past and discover the true unsung heroes and find ways to thank them for their work.

You can tell stories of various unsung heroes who have made a deep and positive impact on society. Students, educators and volunteers from varied fields can develop projects that highlight those unsung heroes who demonstrated courage, sympathy and respect. Develop a unique way to recognize and convey the stories of Unsung Heroes.

By promoting these unsung heroes, you will eventually discover your own capabilities and responsibilities to bring a positive change in the society.  It will encourage you to gain deep understanding of the unsung heroes’ work and relate the examples set by them to your own life.

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Daniel is a well known blogger and likes to write blogs on various topics. In the above post he wants to convey that there are many unsung heroes around us, who are working enthusiastically everyday to make this world a better place. It is time to recognize them and acknowledge their efforts.


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