How to Be A Better Critical Thinker in College

How to Be A Better Critical Thinker in College
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    When you're in college, your goal should be to become a more well-rounded person. One of the best ways to do this is to become a better critical thinker as a student.


You need strong critical thinking skills to process what you study in school, and you need those skills to keep from falling for deception in the real world.

Critical thinking is not just about the accumulation of facts. It’s about analyzing and investigating those facts to make an informed conclusion. Here is how you can improve your critical thinking skills.

Examine All Sides of An Issue

Before you decide on an opinion concerning an issue, you need to look at all sides of the issue.

If you’re trying to form an opinion about whether stay-at-home moms do better financially than families that have working moms, look at the pros and cons of both arguments. When you gather research on this issue, don’t just focus on the research that fits your personal bias.

It’s better to do balanced research to get a good idea of what all the evidence shows. Stay away from research sources that promote just one side of the issue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Abandon What You’ve Been Taught

In some cases, critical thinking might call for you to question what you’ve been taught your whole life.

You may have always believed that the American Dream is attainable by anyone if they were determined and worked hard. However, you might find out through investigation that this claim isn’t true. You found out that the American Dream can’t be attained by all people due to factors such as a poor economy, social discrimination, low wages in certain industries and political bureaucracy.

Be Able To Point Out Discrepancies

Another thing you should do is point out discrepancies when you notice them. This is an important life skill and it will keep you from falling for any idea that’s presented to you.

If you’re reading a book in which the author claims that the Civil War was only about slavery, you can point out that the Civil War was also dealing with states’ rights. You should also apply this to your relationships since many people lie about themselves to impress you.

Ask Plenty of Questions

As a critical thinker, you’ll need to ask a lot of questions during investigations. Don’t just ask basic questions that will give you a “yes” or “no” answer from someone. Instead you should ask open-ended questions that are thought provoking.

You might ask, “What contributions did the feminist movement make to the American family over the past 50 years?” This question will generate a variety of answers that you can examine for yourself.

In conclusion, when you’re a critical thinker in college, you can carry those skills with you into the workforce. These skills will also make you a more intellectually aware individual.


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