Is Online Education Right for You?

Is Online Education Right for You?
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    The internet has become an important part of all of our lives and is a great way to access and share information. As such, many quality four-year and two-year universities are offering college courses online.


Some of these are an adjunct to inperson courses, with additional work for the inperson course to be completed online. Others are courses that are offered entirely or even exclusively online, with no inperson course work or lectures. These are both great options for busy students, and especially adults who are returning to college and are juggling their education around family and work obligations.

But, with taking courses so much easier online, how can you tell if online education is right for you? Here are a few thing to look at:

1. Time constraints

Online education allows you to fit in course work when you have free time, allowing you to still work full time or handle your family’s needs. However, that flexibility doesn’t benefit you if you still can’t find the time to actually do your course work.

College isn’t difficult: it’s time consuming. And if you don’t have the time in the first place, it doesn’t matter how flexible the course is.

2. Commitment and dedication

Online education has its own demands separate from inperson course work. With inperson coursework, you show up, listen, maybe take a few notes, and complete all necessary projects and exams on time.

But with online education, it all falls on you. If you don’t check in with your course on Monday, you very likely won’t be able to allot enough time to what is required that week.

Many online courses have additional work that must be completed each week – this is the school’s way of ensuring that you are actually doing the work, completing the required reading and asking any questions that you may have.

You have to be on yourself to check in to your course at least once a day, keeping track of all necessary work, and then actually doing the work. In comparison, this makes online education more time consuming.

3. End goal

Do you have an end goal for your education? What are the career opportunities for your program? Remember, just because you can take college courses online doesn’t mean you should.

Once you complete your program and attain your degree, you will have to begin paying off your student loans. For this reason, it’s important to do your research before beginning, making sure that what you choose to get a degree in makes sense and actually increases career opportunities for you.

A college education can greatly improve your quality of life, increasing your career opportunities and income potential, and online education makes a degree from a quality higher education institution even more attainable than ever. Think you’ve got what it takes to make online education work for you? Share this article with your friends and see if they agree with you!


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