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Online Education

Three Reasons Why Recent HS Grads Should Consider Online College

It might come as a surprise but when high school students ask me about college, more and more I’m suggesting they consider one of the reputable online programs available today.

Online Education

Is Online Education Right for You?

The internet has become an important part of all of our lives and is a great way to access and share information. As such, many quality four-year and two-year universities are offering college courses online.

Personal Advice

How to Avoid the Scourge of Identity Theft

Identity theft only happens to people with jobs and never to impoverished college students, right? Think again.

Campus News

Yik Yak App Stirs Controversy

Ever since the advent of social media and networking, people have been flocking to various websites and making use of a variety of sources to connect with others.

Education Tips

Technology, Higher Education and You

Technology has had a profound effect on society, connecting people like never before. In the education sector instructors and students alike have benefited, with access to schooling one result.

Online Education

Making the Most Out of Distance Education

Tweet By Phil C. Stone It offers endless possibilities for teaching and learning in four basic ways: immediate access, flexibility, work training and lifelong learning. Immediate Access New communication technologies such

Online Education

4 Smart Tips for Successful Online Learning

Tweet If you are considering online learning, the following advice can help you get started. 1. School choice and academic program — Just as you would with a brick and

Personal Advice

Attention College Students – Don’t Over Think Fundraising

Tweet By Jason Lancaster However, when it comes to fundraising for a college club, religious group or other college-affiliated organization, students should remember that the status quo works…don’t over think

Career Planning

How Technology has Affected the Recruitment Process

Tweet By Stephanie Staszko Although this is generally construed as a positive development, employers can often be bombarded by the increased volumes of applicants. This can affect the recruiter at

Campus Life Technology

An Overview of the iPad 2

Tweet The iPad 2 is the second generation of ipad tablet computers whose origin is from the giant computer company called Apple. This new iPad primarily differs from its predecessor


How to Make the Most of Your Senior Year at College

Tweet With the fall semester more than halfway over, college students planning to graduate next May have just six months of school left before they must move on to a

Personal Advice

10 Ways to Save Money on Gadgets this Christmas

Tweet By Tom Rodgers Gadgets are one of the most popular shopping categories that people go for when doing their Christmas shopping. Small gadgets make great stocking stuffers. Bigger gadgets