Useful Free Online Tools for Students

Useful Free Online Tools for Students
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    This post will look at some free online tools that every student should know about.

    It looks at resources that the student can rely on for research, and also those resources that he or she should never use or quote from.


Progress Equals Change

Our schools core curriculums might still be the same as they were ten years ago, but the way they are taught keeps progressing. Technology has played a key role in this. We have college and high school classes that are taught partially or entirely online, and we can watch lecturers without being there in person via livestream.

Keeping Up With Technology

Statistics show that more than 80% of high schools are online, while colleges exceed 80%. This means that course work, timetables and assignments are often posted and submitted online. Being tech savvy and being connected to the right online resources are now requirements for a student to maintain above average scores.

Online Resources For Students To Avoid

It is important to note that while Google and Wikipedia are a wealth of information, they are not credible sources when it comes to scholarly materials. This is because for Wikipedia, the content can be altered by virtually anyone despite their credentials, and with Google, one is given virtually any information so long as it is most viewed or searched for.

YouTube is also not a platform to use when looking for educational information unless one is pursuing a fashion design or art class where erroneous information and mistakes are encouraged and seen as part of the learning curve. One can instead use Google scholar where all articles and journals are peer reviewed.

This means that any information you get has been proofread by other professionals and hence can be deemed credible.

Free Online Tools For Writing

Most writing interfaces such as Microsoft word and notepad have an inbuilt spell check capability. This is important, as there is nothing worse than an essay riddled with grammatical errors and wrongly spelt words.

One can also have access to online dictionaries to ensure proper usage of vocabulary, especially since most inbuilt dictionaries (such as thesaurus) have limited words. One of the most reliable online dictionaries, the Oxford dictionary, can be accessed from its homepage. This free online tool will help the student understand words better and use them in the correct context.

It is important for a student to have an online translator, especially since it is almost a requirement to be proficient in more than two languages. One should be able to use the online translators to complete foreign language assignments.

The plagiarism checker is another free tool that can be accessed online. This is an important online tool, as it checks the authenticity of any written essay and helps the writer put citations where he or she might have forgotten.

Coming up with a thesis or an essay title is the hardest, but most essential part of any essay a student may be required to write. There is a free online resource known as the essay generator What it does can be deduced from the title, but its efficacy far exceeds expectations.

The good thing is one does not need to download it or feed registration details into the system to access it. All one has to do is provide the keywords that he thinks should be in his title, choose the topic type and subject area and the tool will do the rest. The topic type and subject area are selected from a preset list.

I believe that the essay generator tool will be to students what the wheel is to engineers, as it helps with the most crucial part of any students work: the generation of a field and title to work on. Once this is accomplished, the rest of the pieces automatically fall in place.

Other Online Tools For Students

Many other free online tools such as Twiddla and Scribblar are accessible to students. These two tools encourage online group work and information sharing. It is, however, very important to note that the student still has to use his or her discretion to choose what to research, what to use or not use and what to consider as useful information.


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