4 Ways to Obtain Grants to Further Education

4 Ways to Obtain Grants to Further Education


With the growing technology and competitive job market, the need to further education has become absolutely important. Most individuals however may shy away from furthering education due to the high fees involved.

The good news is that you can acquire non-repayable funds from the public sector (like the government) or from the private sector (like NGOs, colleges, foundations and corporations). However, in order to acquire the grants, you will need to demonstrate financial need.

Individuals can either acquire full or partial scholarships depending on their educational merit, profession, personal background, goals and financial position. There are several tips to consider when applying for grants to go back to school:

Look closer home

You may be surprised that the funds you need could be available from your close contacts. Find out if your employer offers educational benefits, or if your former college has grants available, or you could be a member to an organization that offers grants. You are better off talking to your close contacts first before considering the internet among others.

Approach reputable organizations

Be careful of scams and cons. Do your research on the organizations you plan to approach for the financial aid. Be cautious of people who give you information. Do your research on the internet to make it easy to identify fraud. Remember: where money is, scammers are many.

Be sure of what is covered by the grant

It is important to note that grants may not necessarily cater for all your college expenses. Therefore, it is important to get prepared with extra cash in case you don’t get all expenses fully covered. Some grants may just cover for tuition and books, while others may only cover for your living expenses.

Your profession

Different professions have different access to the funds depending on factors like scarcity and societal need. If for example an area or country has scarcity of teachers, then organizations will make funds available for individuals willing to pursue that particular field. So if you happen to be pursuing the field of teaching, then it will be easy to acquire the funds (and even a larger amount).

In conclusion, furthering your education is an investment most valuable in bettering your career and increasing your income. Obtaining the grants is not an easy task; you may be required to provide very personal information like your personal background and financial information. It is a tedious process that requires effort and patience, but once acquired it is a smooth sail all through your education.

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