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Getting Financial Aid: 4 Different Kinds of Financial Aid for Students

The first step in applying for financial aid is completing the FAFSA, or Free Application for Student Aid. There are four main types of financial aid.


4 Ways to Obtain Grants to Further Education

With the growing technology and competitive job market, the need to further education has become absolutely important. Most individuals however may shy away from furthering education due to the high fees involved.

Student Loans

Surprise! Most Families Are Paying For College Just Fine.

Tweet By the sound of it, most Americans cannot afford to keep up with increasingly higher tuition costs, right? Well, not according to the results of a recent Sallie Mae-Gallup

College Budgeting

Don’t Let The Recession Stop You From Seeking College Scholarships

Tweet Read the news and you can quickly get the impression that tens of thousands, perhaps millions of students will be having a difficult time paying for their college education

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How To Beat The High Cost Of College

Tweet College tuition costs continue to rise, outstripping the rate of inflation year in and year out. Add in room and board, fees, books, labs and related expenses and the

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Graduating Ceremonies, Online Student Style

Tweet Have you ever wondered how students who take online classes celebrate their graduation from college or university? If you’re thinking that everyone logs on to a website at a