College Life – Getting Wasted or Wasting Your Life Away?

College Life – Getting Wasted or Wasting Your Life Away?
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    Ahhhh the life of a college student.

    Study hard, get good grades, and party like you've never partied before.


That’s the general sentiment shared among college students across campuses worldwide, and I mean, why not? You’re young with beautiful men and women all around you, typically the same age as you. You want to enjoy life to the fullest and make the best out of life while also preparing for your future.

Your Reasons For Going To College

Now have you ever stopped and wondered what’s the most important reason for going to college? Most students on campus are either going to college because that’s what their mom and dad did, or it’s what society has taught us to do.

Unfortunately the statistics on graduates that get a job compared to anyone else who doesn’t have a college degree, shows that you’re not going to be making significantly more money even with a college degree.

If you look at the average salary for graduates it’s around $46,413.

Now if you look at the average salary for someone who doesn’t get a college degree it’s around $35,256.

If you ask me that’s not looking like a huge difference, especially considering the enormous amount of student debt that’s typically associated with going to college.

Getting Wasted A Waste?

Now sure, college is a lot of fun, and you get to drink your life to oblivion, if you so choose; but let’s think about what’s really happening. Are you going to college to get wasted, or are you just wasting your life away?

I’m not saying that going to college is a bad thing, but if you really want to make money, why not focus on creating multiple streams of income? Do you have to go to school, just to study your ass off and barely reap the rewards for all the effort and time you spent to earn that degree?

Maybe you do because that’s what your parents told you, or that’s what’s been ingrained into your mind since you were a child, or heck, maybe that’s the only thing you know.

As far as I’m concerned if you can spend that much time and energy on something that’s going to get you one job, then you can also use that same time well spent thinking of different ways to create multiple streams of income.

Think Like A Millionaire

I mean when’s the last time you’ve heard a millionaire say to you, I need to get another job? Probably never, because most people don’t talk to millionaires.

The truth is the average millionaire has seven streams of income (

If you really want to make the good money, stop focusing on getting wasted and wasting your life away in college. Start thinking like a millionaire, and start working towards learning how to create multiple streams of income.

other valuable tips:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to college for a start; but if you’re going to get a job, then you’re limiting yourself to tying up all your time to make a wage that someone else says you’re worth.

Focus on profits, not wages. Then once you make wages, it will free up more time to where you’re not tied down to a job living someone else’s dream.

Make sure you share this article on social media with all you friends so they don’t bury themselves in a mountain of debt, only to later find themselves at a dead end job. Start building your own dream, and look for a way to create profits. Why have one source of income when you can have multiple sources?

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