4 Major Reasons Why You Should go to a Big State School

4 Major Reasons Why You Should go to a Big State School
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    This post contains the story and viewpoints of one of my close friends, who shared this with me.

    I am sharing this because I feel that it can be worth taking his viewpoints into consideration.


Here is his story:

Let me preface this brief article by saying I was a foolish kid in high school. I mean, we were all foolish in high school, there aren’t many options at that age. I however, was particularly foolish. I valued, among all the glorious things at my fingertips at the time, education. This lead me to pursue a collegiate experience based on education alone. Big mistake. Enough about me though, this article is about you. It’s about how you should not take my path and go to a small liberal arts school in the northeast, but instead opt for a large, loud, underfunded, state school and here’s why.

1. Cost

American universities are expensive no matter where you go. Unless you are one of the privileged ones, you will probably accumulate debt. If you are going to do this, why not accumulate the least amount as possible? State schools tend to be cheaper than the rest, so that right there is one major advantage.

If you really want to pay over $30,000 a year just to walk around and rub heads with snobby intellectuals, just skip the college route and get an apartment on the Upper East side of Manhattan. What’s that you say? The cost of the school reflects the educational experience? Not quite.

2. You Control Your Education

Sure Harvard has higher paid, arguably better professors, but even the best professor can’t teach a lazy slacker who doesn’t want to be there. If you really want a good education, you can find one at any college or community college for that matter. Teachers are usually pretty brilliant people, and if you approach them with the right attitude, you can learn a whole lot.

Instead of paying large sums to expect to be enhanced by professors, save some dough, put your mind to use and learn. You’ve probably heard that college is what you make of it; that is entirely true. There are people who’ve gotten way better educations out of “no name” schools than some pricey Ivy League.

3. Social Life

College is a special time in your life. Don’t waste it. Go out and meet people, because after school, the chances to do so become slimmer and slimmer.

Big state schools often offer more opportunities. There are more people, thus more events to socialize. Embrace that fact and go out as much as possible, even if you are a scared introvert like me.

Going to a school of a couple thousand will have you sick of your peers in no time. You’ll have the rest of your life to be by yourself in your small close knit group of friends, so as stupid as it may be, go out to some huge house party. If it’s lame, then the worst thing you can say is you had the experience.

4. Sports

Now this one may seem like a subjective matter, and it sort of is. Not everyone is in to sports and that is ok, but you don’t necessarily have to enjoy sports to reap the benefits of going to a school with a large athletic program. Large state schools have very rabid and loyal fanbases. This tends to form a unique camaraderie amongst the student body. Even if you don’t even go to the games or care about the outcome, you can be a part of something bigger. The entire community rallies around their team, and above all, it’s just a whole lot of fun. You like fun? Of course you do. Go have it.

I know this may seem like a very opinionated view of the American education system, but I am simply a man who has gone through it and offering my advice on how to make it better for you. I was the last person to care about any of these things before I entered college, but looking back, I missed out on taking control of my own education, having fun at my fingertip and above all, saving heaps of money. At least take that into consideration before you make your call.


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