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College Planning

5 Networking Ideas for 2019 High School Grads

Graduating from high school is a monumental occasion. It is a time to celebrate, and it is time to look forward to the future.

College Living

The Importance of College Networking and Campus Involvement

Campus in itself can already be a heavy experience, and this is in relation to the activities while on and off campus, such as Classes, Events, etc.

Social Networking

Let’s Talk About College Networking and Its Importance

While joining college, most people have one major goal to do whatever it takes to attain the desired degree. Though this goal is very important, people rarely understand the importance of networking as part of achieving and maintaining our life goals.

Career Planning

How to Begin Your Career as a Freelancer

Tweet Whether you’re a parent, a traveler, a homebody, or if you’re just looking for a change, here are the steps you must take to begin your career as a

Career Planning

College Students: How To Land The Best Internship For You

Tweet Know where you want to go Be goal orientated and have a career plan. This might seem unnecessary for something as short term as an internship, but can have

Career Planning Featured

Career Planning – 7 Tips for Better Planning of Your Career

Career planning isn’t an activity that you should only do once — in college or high school — and then leave behind as you progress with your job and career. Rather, it’s an activity that is best done regularly.

College Search Featured

Is it Necessary for You to Attend a Top University to Achieve Success?

There is no question that top schools like Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Yale all have the name recognition that might help you earn a job interview or triumph over other candidates when getting hired.

Career Planning

Four Practical Tips on Career Planning

We all desire a successful career. Undoubtedly, in your own little or big way, you want to conquer the world. This isn’t at all impossible, even when you think that the odds are against it.

Social Networking

7 Facebook Mistakes College Students Make

How NOT to mess up your social media presence. Facebook now has 1 billion global users and is a behemoth that has transitioned to public ownership.

Campus Life

Pros and Cons of Being in a Fraternity or Sorority

Pros and cons of the GreekSome people are born into fraternity and sorority life, knowing that when they get to college, they’re going to be a part of Greek life on their campus.

Collegiate Sports

Jump Start Your College Experience by Joining a Sports Team

We all concur that a good education is important. However, not every Tom, Dick or Harry will end up being a doctor, lawyer, accountant, pilot or that career our parents dreams about. Therefore, finding our footing in sports is as important as succeeding in education.