7 Poor Exercising Posture You Should Avoid

7 Poor Exercising Posture You Should Avoid
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    Exercising is one of the best remedies to joint pain. Also, some exercises are recommended for helping you reduce pains that arise because of poor postures.

    However, many people do not know or just ignore the fact that poor positions during exercises are dangerous.

    They lead to joint pains that are even worse than those caused by mere bad postures.


The reason is when you are exercising; you are at times required to put all your body’s weight on certain organs. However, if this is not done correctly, many problems of poor postures during exercises arise. Importantly, you may not gain enough from exercises if you do not do it in the correct posture. You could end up straining some parts of the body which result to back pains and other joint pains. The problem is that many people do not even know what postures they should take while exercising.

1. Slouching in the seat

When doing dumbbells, it is recommended that you sit comfortably in the chair and let your hands hang slowly below the chair. This allows your hands to make a full swing and take full advantage of the dumbbells. However, many people take the opportunity of sitting to do the whole thing wrongly. Instead of sitting with the back upright and leaning straight on the back of the seat, they slouch on the seat. This leaves then back bent and strained. If you exercise in this position, then you will strain your back, and you may have pain problems after a while.

2. Military posture

This is a poor posture to take. It is when you stick the chest out. This is common when lifting weights for the lower arms. This is never a comfortable position to be in, and it is hard to maintain this posture for long. Taking this posture during exercises will make you exert a lot of pressure on the upper part of the back. This may cause severe joint pain. When you stick out your chest, it will be followed by crunched neck and worse still, a lifted chin. This will exaggerate the spinal curves and overwork the upper body muscles.

3. Lowering the chin

This is a major problem that arises when we struggle to lift weights while working out. You are forced to lower your chin sometimes up to the chest. At this point, your neck muscles get overworked. When you lower the chin, the crunched neck will force you to take a rounded upper back. The right posture has the eyes and ears on the same level. You can avoid taking such position by working with a weight that is comfortable for you. If you use comfortable weight and do it correctly, you will still achieve results.

4. Rounded shoulders

This is a major problem when exercising for arms. Especially when resisting weights, you want to keep your shoulders up. This achieves rounded shoulders and affects the neck and back muscles. Your shoulders should be relaxed and then allow your lower arms to move the weights freely. Make sure that you complete a full cycle from the chest, below the waist up to the knees.

5. Twisting while lifting

This is another problem that results from taking heavy lifts. As you struggle to lift the weight, you will twist most parts of the body. This is incorrect lifting. One, it will not help you. Two is that it will strain some muscles and cause pain later. The best way you can avoid lifting manageable weights. Make sure that you keep the weight close to the body. This will help you achieve more and prevent suffering from strained joints and pains.

6. Leaning on one leg

This could be a major problem when lifting weights in a standing position. It is worse if you are doing leg and thigh exercises like squats. It will lead to straining the single leg that is holding your weight. Always make sure that you balance your weight on all your body. Do not let some parts feel the weight more than others. You can avoid Aquaflexin capsules by assuming the proper posture.

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7. Flat back

This may result from tucked pelvis when pulling weights. This exerts pressure on the spine that may cause a lot of pain. Also, it leads to forward leaning of the head and round shoulders.


Exercising is essential for a healthy body and relieving joint pains. You should, however, take caution to assume the right postures during exercises to avoid pains after exercises.

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