The Importance of Summer Internships to Help You Get a Job When You Graduate

The Importance of Summer Internships to Help You Get a Job When You Graduate
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    When you’re working on your education at college, one of the most important questions you might have to ask yourself is if you should be working during school.

    Because as everyone knows, qualifications aren’t enough to help you land that dream job after you graduate – employers are looking for experience too.


This is why summer internships can help you succeed and get a head start in your career. Read on to find out why summer internships are a great way of working during school, without compromising your education.

They give you experience of the real working world

There’s nothing quite like real life experience of the working world and an internship will give you an unbeatable taste of what it is like to work in a realistic environment.

As an intern, you’ll see everything that goes on in your planned career – from the excitement and glamour of a fast-paced corporate world, to the more mundane but necessary tasks that you’ll be involved in doing too.

Working during school as an intern will also help you to connect your academic studies with how you can implement what you learn in a practical context too. Having this experience will help you to have a deeper understanding of what you are learning, as it will no longer be abstract information, but you will be able to see very clearly how it is useful to know when you are working.

They help you decide what you’d like to do with your career

If you are not fully sure about what career you hope to pursue once you graduate, then working during school as an intern might be the perfect way of helping you decide.

There is no limit to how many internships you can do during your time at college, so if possible, you could intern in a variety of places, so that you can decide whether or not that is something you’d like to work in.

Internships are also a useful way of gaining deeper insight into a career – while a prospective role might seem attractive and fun from the outside, having a deeper involvement in a role as an intern will give you a more rounded and realistic perspective.

Where to find summer interships? Couple of places to look:

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They help you build contacts and network for the future

One of the biggest advantages of interning while working during school is that it is a great way to build contacts and networks to help you develop your future career.

The people you will work with are potential future employers and colleagues so you’ll want to make sure that you impress them as much as possible.

Make a positive impression on them by showing that you are keen to get involved and learn as much as possible, asking questions to find out more about the industry. Don’t hesitate to talk to people and get contacts as that will be helpful in the future.

Internships are a great way of helping you establish your career while you are still studying and they provide an invaluable opportunity.

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