How to Save Money on College Student Trips

How to Save Money on College Student Trips
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    For many older Americans, college was the happiest time of their lives, a time of personal and intellectual exploration, when the world was their oyster, and all doors were open to them.

    Unfortunately, those same opportunities have not been extended to their children.


According to a recent report, the tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities have increased by 72 percent over the recent decade! And since nearly 80 percent of American undergraduate students attend state-run institutions of higher learning, they must keep a close eye on expenses if they hope to graduate on time.

The consequences of higher costs

Fewer and fewer students can truly enjoy and get the most out of their college experience because they simply don’t have the money to take advantage of the opportunities that are open to them.

College student tours

Students of history, foreign languages, and archeology can all benefit immeasurably from a trip overseas. Of course, these journeys can be expensive. A college student on a shoestring budget simply cannot afford to spend a week in Paris, Florence, or Berlin. Not unless he takes a group trip with his classmates and saves beaucoup bucks on college student tours.

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How does it work?

Bundling is a beautiful thing. As it relates to travel, it helps a student save money by package deals and by single payments. There is nothing airlines and hotels like better than guarantee guests. That’s why they offer deep discounts when you book in advance. If a large group of people commits to fly in their planes or stay at their hotels, they will offer them great group rates. That is how classes and groups save money on college student tours.

Many reputable student tour companies also hire their tour guides or cicerone. Not only are they often cheaper to employ than local guides, but they are often more professional since they work directly for the company. That is why college student trips that cater to groups have a higher level of service than those that do not.

How to get value

There are plenty of student tour companies that offer deep discounts for trips to Europe, Asia, and Africa. But most of them do so by cutting corners. They may combine schools and tours in giant groups to take advantage of bundling discounts. The obvious and inevitable result of which is poorer service throughout the entire trip. Why is this?

As you might imagine, larger groups take more time to move. A class of fifty will not be nearly as mobile as one with only ten or twelve students. As a result, the larger groups will not get to see and learn about nearly as many sites as the smaller one.

Set your own schedule

Once again, most student tour companies only think about the bottom line. They will not take their guests to museums and monuments that charge admission fees, no matter how important they may be. The only way around this common industry practice is to find a company that gives you complete control over your own schedule.


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