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4 Education Options for Members of the Military

To award their service and improve their skills, the military offers numerous education benefits and options for their members. Both members of the military who are actively serving and those that have left have access to education options.

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How to Save Money on College Student Trips

For many older Americans, college was the happiest time of their lives, a time of personal and intellectual exploration, when the world was their oyster, and all doors were open to them. Unfortunately, those same opportunities have not been extended to their children.

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6 Signs Your College Will Soon Close Its Doors

Administrators announced earlier this month that the all-women college will shut its doors at the end of this academic year.

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Tiny Lebanon College Shuts Down

Small colleges continue to find it difficult to survive and Lebanon College in New Hampshire is one of the latest to close its doors.

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College Worth: The Experts Weigh In

A generation ago, if you attended college and walked away with a bachelor’s degree, there was a good chance that a job offer and a career path were awaiting you.

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The Discount Rate for Private Colleges and Universities Continues to Rise

Student discounts are on the rise. It is a given that the published or sticker price for many colleges and universities is seldom reached.


How to Make the Most of Your Summer College Class

Most of your friends will be working this summer or spending a lot of time at the beach, the lake or taking advantage of other leisurely pursuits. You, on the other hand, have decided to delay pleasure.


The Benefits of Free Community College Education

This past Feb., Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam proposed that his state provide free community college tuition for eligible residents. The proposal surprised not a few people, especially given that Haslam is a Republican, yet it was welcomed by many across the political spectrum.


How to Manage College Living Expenses

Once you pay your tuition, fees, room & board, and purchase or rent your textbooks, you may have precious little money left to live on.

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Report Shows the Economic Benefit of Community Colleges

America’s community colleges are two-year public schools and are often not fully appreciated for what they do. Community colleges prepare Americans for work, by offering certificate programs and associate degrees that can lead to a whole range of jobs.

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Free Community College for Tennessee Students?

A handful of states provide free community college to some students with the provision that they graduate from high school with high grades. In Tennessee, high school students regardless of grade point average may be admitted to the Volunteer State’s community colleges for free if a proposal from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam gains approval and becomes law.

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9 Ways to Save Money in College

College is expensive and those costs may keep you from academic pursuits. In many fields a degree is required, but attaining the higher education dream may seem beyond your reach.