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How to Save Money on College Student Trips

For many older Americans, college was the happiest time of their lives, a time of personal and intellectual exploration, when the world was their oyster, and all doors were open to them. Unfortunately, those same opportunities have not been extended to their children.

Campus Life

Pros and Cons of Being in a Fraternity or Sorority

Pros and cons of the GreekSome people are born into fraternity and sorority life, knowing that when they get to college, they’re going to be a part of Greek life on their campus.

NCAA Football

How to Survive the College Bowl Season

The fall semester is over, you’re on your way home and beginning tomorrow and lasting almost to mid-January is the college bowl season.

Collegiate Sports

College Football Hall of Fame Schedules Aug. Opening Date

Fans of college football will soon have a new College Football Hall of Fame location to visit. The National Football Foundation announced last week that the new facility will open in Aug.

Education Tips

College: What if You’re Just Not Sure?

Not every high school is college bound and that is a given. However, out of those that think that they will be going to college, there may still be some hesitation.

Campus Cars

4 Driving Tips for College Students at Winter Break

As college students finish up the fall semester to enjoy a break over Christmas and into the new year, many will find themselves making the long trip from campus to their homes far away. For some students, that trip will be by car as they take their personal transportation on roads that might be fraught with wintry dangers.

Education Tips

College Juniors: Consider Studying Abroad

What might be the best advice that anyone can give to a college junior? Some may say, “Opt for a double major,” while others may emphasize, “plan for your master’s program now.”

Fun News

Final Fling: What to do After Graduating College

Tweet Like travel to Europe. Or, volunteering at a church mission in South America. Perhaps even backpacking their way across the United States. In reality, many college-bound students find that

Personal Advice

7 Things You Can Do For Yourself This Summer

Tweet Think: Personal Enrichment Lots of college students have finished up their studies for the academic year and are now embarking on a 3 month plus break from their studies.

Fun News

Catching The Couch Surfing Wave!

Tweet The internet has created quite a few phenomenons over the years including flash mobs where a large group of people suddenly converge upon one spot as well as rickrolling,

Fun News

Should College Grads Take A Year Off And Travel?

Tweet The job market hasn’t been this bad in at least a generation. At least that is what the experts are telling us. For new college grads seeking their first

Personal Advice

Making The Most Of Your College Break

Tweet Congratulations! This is the first weekday morning in a long time that you don’t have to get up early, brush your teeth, comb your hair (or not), swig some