The Importance of College Networking and Campus Involvement

The Importance of College Networking and Campus Involvement
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    Campus in itself can already be a heavy experience, and this is in relation to the activities while on and off campus, such as Classes, Events, etc.


However, most campuses still encourage that their students engage in extracurricular activities, such as clubs or sports. Why is that?

The answer is pretty simple, engaging in these activities will help the student through his journey in campus, and the particular growth they are experiencing, mentally, or psychologically. Engaging in, or being a part of student organizations (Clubs or Teams) Impacts both your career and student experience in a very positive way.

1) You learn more about YOU!

Joining a student organization helps you learn more about yourself. You will meet different people of diverse cultures. This will eventually teach you a thing or two about you.

You can learn from how other students cope with different situations. That will, in turn, help you handle particular problems better.

You will also discover what you are good at, through delegation of tasks while in the clubs, etc. This self-awareness can help you in the future when you decide to pursue your career.

2) Meet different people.

This is definitely something that will happen when you join campus clubs or play sports for a campus team. You will surely meet different people, of different cultures and natures, all different from yours. This interaction with them will help, as you learn a lot from one another, learning to embrace different cultures, ideals, and ideas, eventually leading to one having a more open mind. This ultimately will help them in the future when discussing different ideas to accomplish common goals.

3) Networking opportunities.

While on campus, everyone is on their own learning journey. No one knows where they will eventually land 3, 4, or 5 years after graduating. Being part of the campus clubs and sports teams also helps with networking opportunities. Building close relationships with members of the club can help students in the future.

For example, if in your club you were good friends with another student, and years later, this student owns the company you are applying to work in. If you had a good relationship, you won’t be forgotten, meaning your CV will surely not be ignored, which can increase your chances of getting hired.

These connections made and relationships built help every student in the long run.

4) Recruitment bonus points.

This is another huge factor as to why signing up for that club, or joining that team is essential, because of the recruitment bonus points that come with it. An employer would love looking at resumes whereby the graduate did other activities besides school. This shows them you are an active member of the community you are part of and are willing to go the extra mile. As opposed to that student that went straight home to binge watch shows on ‘Netflix’ after campus.

other valuable tips:

Not having extracurricular activities makes employers wonder how you spend the rest of your day, therefore, having a resume that shows extra activity will always be a bonus for students applying for jobs.

These are the benefits associated with joining, and it is very simple to become a member of a club. All you would need to do is identify what clubs, or sports you would actually enjoy being a part of, clear up your schedule, and join!

Most students are unaware of the benefits they receive from joining clubs, which is why many clubs do not have students and are closed down. Sharing this article with a friend, or friends will help give insight to the key benefits of joining a club or team, in turn helping many students with their experience during, as well as after campus.

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