Tips for Leading a More Active Lifestyle

Tips for Leading a More Active Lifestyle
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    Working out can seem tough to fit into your schedule when you are busy with schoolwork.

    Maybe you have run into roadblocks in the past that kept you from staying active or perhaps you have found that you easily lose motivation.


However, to be healthy in both mind and body, you must exercise in some way regularly. Take some time to organize a plan with these tips for leading a more active lifestyle.

Break Up Your Exercise

Many people tend to think of exercise as a do-or-die activity. This mindset can motivate some people to make sure they have enough time for workouts, but it can also encumber others.

Learn to be more flexible with your exercise so that you can maintain consistency no matter what. If you can’t set aside a big block of time for working out, you could break up your exercise into parts.

To illustrate, you might choose to go for a 30-minute run before class and do some push-ups and core training for 30 more minutes when you are back in your room later.

Even a few 10-minute walks scattered throughout the day can add up, ensuring you get some exercise between your other activities.

Record Your Progress

Recording your progress is an efficacious technique for spurring yourself forward towards your fitness goals. Create a journal or markdown on your phone what exercises you want to do on various days of the week.

When you perform your exercises, write the time and intensity level you were able to accomplish. Over time, you will be able to see how much you have improved, which will help you to develop a stronger desire to continue working out.

An example of this could be to write the weight and repetition numbers of dumbbell curl sets that you do. You might start with 10-pound dumbbells and do four sets of ten reps. As you get stronger, you can increase the weight to 15 pounds and so on while noting these changes.

Make Exercising Fun

Finding ways to make exercising fun is an invaluable tip for leading a more active lifestyle. There are countless methods you can use to make your exercise something to look forward to. You could, for instance, go to the campus gym with a friend or two so that you can keep one another accountable and push each other.

other valuable tips:

Another example could be to ride a bike to your classes instead of driving if you commute. You may enjoy feeling the breeze while riding and stay active that way. If you know that you will travel long distances to and within your campus, you could also consider buying an e-bike to give yourself motor assistance as you pedal from place to place. This way, you will still get exercise, but you won’t be completely exhausted at the end of the day.

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