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College Living

The Importance of College Networking and Campus Involvement

Campus in itself can already be a heavy experience, and this is in relation to the activities while on and off campus, such as Classes, Events, etc.

College Living

College orientation – an Experience You Cannot Miss

Colleges have an orientation as a way to help incoming students in their transition into the college. The orientation programs are designed in a way that both the student and their families will feel the smooth transition from high school to college.

College Living

Tips for a Successful Integration to College: Guide to Making Friends

One of the most important things you’ll learn in college won’t be in the structure of your courses or what you’re studying. It’s all to do with who you meet and make links with.

College Living

3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Join a Club in College

As someone who has attended community college, I have learned a lot about career planning and clubs. Many people are led to the common misconception that sports are the only way to get yourself out there.