Identifying your Individual Learning Style as a College Student

Identifying your Individual Learning Style as a College Student
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    Professors cannot teach everything in class.

    Therefore, students have to cover the rest on their own during their private studies.


Do you find yourself struggling to understand particular topics while your peers seem to have an easy time? Well, there is no need to worry.

You can easily catch up with your friends by finding out what learning strategy works for you. People are different in many ways. That includes their ways of taking in and processing information. The moment you find out what type of learner you are, you will have an easier time understanding what you learn.

Here are the different types of learners:

1. Visual Learners

They prefer information in the form of maps, graphs, images, and tables among others. It should be in visual form with a brief explanation. Such students work well with flow charts for they can easily follow arrows that explain a particular process.

If you are this kind of student, break your notes into tables and flow charts if possible. Rewrite them in a form that you can understand to make revision more comfortable and enhance your memory.

2. Kinesthetic Learners

They like to see, feel or experience something to understand it. They learn most from videos and demonstrations. Students who prefer that mode of study should ensure full concentration during practical lessons and illustrations. Search for videos concerning the topic you are studying and ask for class demonstrations once in a while.

3. Auditory Learners

Such students learn from what they hear. They get the most knowledge from professors in class. They also benefit most from audios and group discussions. As an audio learner, you should attend all your classes, read out loud, and come up with songs to help you remember what you learn.

4. Read/Write Learners

These prefer information displayed in words. They get more from studying alone than attending classes. However, lessons are essential because one can write down all the necessary information.

If you are this type of learner, you should make use of textbooks and handouts from lecturers. Also, add lists and definitions to your notes.

5. Multi-Modal Learners

Some students rely on either two or more learning styles. They can understand the information in different forms, depending on their combinations. For example, audio, visual and written information. Most teachers prefer to use methods that favor their learning styles.

Therefore, those students whose learning styles are similar to those of their teachers benefit most. Lecturers can combine different techniques to ensure that they cover the needs of every student. Visit to find out what kind of a learner you are.

other valuable tips:

Every student is brilliant and unique. Make learning easier for you by identifying what kind of a learner you are and changing your study method. Whatever the case, it is important to attend all your classes.

Every lecturer has something to offer. Share this information with other students through Facebook and other social media sites. Help a college student by making learning easier for them. They might return the favor some day.

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