How Millennials Are Driving Innovation While Helping Reinvent Businesses

How Millennials Are Driving Innovation While Helping Reinvent Businesses
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    Millennials often catch a lot of criticism from the older generation.

    They are often touted as being irresponsible, lazy, and too wild and unconventional.


However, many people who think this way simply don’t understand millennials.

These are young people who grew up being taught to channel their creativity, to explore new things, and to think outside the box. Thus, while they may do things a little differently, they are also incredibly innovative.

Millennials, in fact, have led to many new inventions, like social media and even innovations in the film and entertainment industry, such as the many Disney innovations they have created.

Due to their unique work ethics and extreme creativity, millennials are also changing the business world in a variety of important ways.

On-Demand Business

Millennials grew up hating being dragged to the grocery store or having to stand in long lines. And, like the problem-solvers they are, they have created an easy way to get rid of life’s hassles.

Many of their business models focus on offering simple services that take the work out of everyday tasks…at least for those who are willing to pay.

Thanks to their offering of on-demand business, things like GrubHub, which will deliver just about any food to your door, and Amazon Now exist. Even many major grocery stores are now bringing your items to your car, taking standard shopping out of the equation.

Millennials have made it possible for people to get what they want, when they want it, on-demand, with minimal effort and interaction.


Some people like to brand millennials as selfish, but, looking at the business models they’ve created, nothing could be further from the truth. Millennials care about the planet and about people, and they encourage businesses to do the same.

Look, for example at Tom’s Shoes, which, with every purchase of its shoes, donates a pair to those in need. There are also businesses like Whole Foods, which cater to those who want to eat healthy, sustainable foods, and many businesses nowadays highlight their use of green production.

Millennials believe in building and supporting businesses that affect positive change.

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Remote Work

Going to the office is a major grind. It’s not something anyone really likes to do. Recognizing this, innovative millennials have made it possible for many people to work online, all from the comfort of their homes.

There are now people who write online articles, people who serve as search engine optimization or online reputation managers, and people who simply sell goods from their homes. Many people today work without a storefront or the associated costs, affording new opportunities to all kinds of people from all walks of life, and it’s all thanks to millennial innovation.

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