What to Do When Getting Sick in College?

What to Do When Getting Sick in College?
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    Getting sick in college is one of the most unpleasant of experiences as a student.

    Especially when living in a dorm and no one will take care of you as they would when you’re at home.


While at the same time you need to continue your obligations as a college student. Here are some tips when getting sick in college.

Talk To Your Professor

When you know that today there’s a paper due (or other presentation) and you can’t attend the class. A quick email or call to let your professor know you’re sick can go a long way. Tell them about your assignment and that you can follow-up with them when you get better. This should only take a few minutes to send them messages or even a call. That way they don’t wonder why you’re not attending the class.

Visit a Campus Health Center

If you feel that you’re really going to be sick for more than a day or two, don’t hesitate to check yourself in a campus health center.

Don’t forget to ask about your health, you might need to extend for a few more days to get better. That way you can verify with your professor that you need more days to be stuck in bed.

Keep In Touch With Your Professors

If you know that you have an important lecture in your chemistry class, then you’ll definitely need to let your professor know what’s going on. Instead of explaining it right when you finally get back to class.

Write All That You’ve Been Missing

If you’ve been stuck on a bed for a few days and you know that you have something important to prioritize. Grab your paper, pen and take a few moments to write down what you’ve been missing, then prioritize them. If you need to go visit a campus health center then put it in on top of your to-do- list.

But if you’ve not been updating your social media and taking pictures or uploading from last weekends parties. That shouldn’t be your priority, taking care of the most important things should be your first priority, especially if you’re late on the assignments due.

Take Care of Yourself

This is one of the most common tips from most parents when their children are away from home.

Yes, you’ll definitely fall behind on your exam and even a free movie ticket that could be held today. But, do you really need to prioritize them when you’re sick? Of course not. It may be stressful but, you need to take care of yourself rather than other things.

However, there are many ways to take care of yourself to avoid sickness, just think about what your mother would want you to eat every day: veggies and fruits, and other foods that are full of nutrition. Also when you’re sick, don’t forget to eat bananas, avocado toast, and orange juice instead of unhealthy foods.

Furthermore, when you get sick, you need to get more sleep. Because your body needs time to fight off whatever it needs to fight off to increase the immune system. In addition to that, sleep has a positive effect on the immune response.

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