Top Tips to Choosing the Right University for You

Top Tips to Choosing the Right University for You
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    If you're already compiling your list of dream universities to apply to, you're probably wondering how you can start to narrow down what kinds of school are the right fit for you.


While every student is different, there are some great general tips to figuring out what the right university is considering your personality, learnings style, interests and more. It can be a pretty daunting process.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top tips to choosing the right university for you.

Take a look at the university’s course list

You might have a general idea of what kind of topics or majors you are interested in pursuing once you get to college, but you should do some added research into what kind of courses you will actually be able to take.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in history, but more specifically want to focus on the history of one specific region or culture, you will want to make sure that you can focus on that while in college.

If you find that a school you are interested in does not offer such courses, you may want to consider crossing it off your list.

Consider location

You might not think about it now, but location really is important when it comes to your schooling. Major factors to consider include whether you want to be in an urban, suburban or rural setting. There are great schools in all three, but you should think about which settings seem the best for you to learn in.

Additionally, you will want to think about proximity to your home. Home sickness is a real thing in college and if you want to be able to visit with your family, you should try to stay close to home. If you end up at a great school like University of Michigan, but miss your family down in Texas, you may want to consider a UT Austin Transfer, a similar school in the sense of size and style, but much closer to your family’s front door.

Look at the rankings

Look, there is no doubt that you can get a fantastic education a literally hundreds of universities despite where they rank in the national or global list. That being said, it is a good way to make some tough decisions if you are in love with two or more places of higher learning.

Reference rankings to help decide what university might be better for your future both during and after your studies. Additionally, look at where a school ranks in the area of study that you plan to go into. After all, that is what will most matter down the line when you are looking to apply to grad school or your dream job later in life.

Schedule a visit

If you are able to do so, think about scheduling a visit to help narrow down your choices. If you are thinking about a number of schools within a close proximity to one another, consider planning a weekend road trip to see two or three schools. Even better, if you are planning this kind of trip, get in touch with admissions officers at the school or professors teaching the subjects you are most interested in to see if they would be able to meet with you for a brief chat.

This will not only help you learn more about a given school that you are interested in, it could also help you quite literally “see” yourself on campus. This might go a long way in helping you make your final decision as the applications start getting send out, and the acceptance letters start coming in.

other valuable tips:

Reach out to students

The student body that you may be a part of one day should be considered a fantastic asset at your disposal. If you know any students directly who are currently in school at a university you are interested in, consider reaching out to them via text or email to try to schedule a phone call to chat with them. If not, ask your parents if any of their friends have kids who are currently studying or have studied at a school you are interested in.

If you do not have any such resources available to you, consider doing a quick Google search to learn about current students who are receiving some kind of press in one form or another. It’s possible that their contact information or school email address will be available so that you can reach out to them that way.

Choosing the perfect university for you is both a difficult and important task. Hopefully these tips and guidelines will help you set your short list and your final decision as your first day of classes approaches.

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