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Career Planning

4 Ways to Go from Gamer to Successful Software Engineer

Becoming a professional game developer is a popular dream among avid gamers. While competition within the industry is often fierce and the training and work experience needed to qualify for a position as a game developer is considerable, there are still many ways to transition from gamer to successful software engineer.

Student Loans

Tax Rules To Know While Repaying Your Student Loan

Student loans are surely a big help for those who want to pursue higher studies but paying them off can be a real pain. At the same time, clearing it off should be the first thing on your mind because it is a liability after all.

Job Search

Best Jobs for College Students

College can be a fun yet challenging time in a young student’s life. Not only are they busy trying to earn their degree, but many are also having to work while still in school.

Personal Advice

Essential Office Supplies for Your Desk

Your first office desk, a new desk at a new job, or the wonderful, weathered desk at the job you’ve loved for decades all need certain essential supplies to keep your workflow moving.

Job Search

5 Tips for Your First Job Interview

The job market can be a daunting place no matter how much experience you have, and making a good impression in every interview is important.


3 Flexible Types of Classes

Education is important. For nearly any type of career, you need to have a degree or know a trade to be successful.

Study Tips

5 Reasons Why Learning Algebra is a Must

One of the academic challenges you might have during your secondary school years is the obligatory algebra subject. If you’re a mathematically inclined student, then this should not be a problem.

College Living

4 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean in College

As a college student, you will have numerous responsibilities, including keeping your apartment clean.

Fun News

Things To Consider When Buying A Mascot Costume For Your College

College events are exciting and there is a thrill in the air. At the same time, these can be used as a promotional and branding strategy to attract students.

Personal Advice

5 Innovative Ways to Up Your Fashion Game

Let’s change up your day by changing out your wardrobe. It will be fun to come up with something creative that will make a college day fun.

Traveling Student

Camping With Kids – Here’s What You Should Know Before

Camping is an experience that most people rate pretty highly as one of the things that have stuck with them throughout their childhood and beyond.

Student Health

Ways to Eat Healthy and Cheaply in College

When you are in college, it is often difficult to eat healthy. Because you are busy with classes and jobs, have limited access to cookware in the dorms, and are afforded access to a plethora of meal options, you may feel like it it not necessary to make good food choices.