Things To Consider When Buying A Mascot Costume For Your College

Things To Consider When Buying A Mascot Costume For Your College
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    College events are exciting and there is a thrill in the air.

    At the same time, these can be used as a promotional and branding strategy to attract students.


While you cannot ignore the conventional advertising strategies, something unique like mascots can add a punch to your branding campaign. Choosing a mascot costume for your college sounds like a lot of fun but it is easier said than done.

The look, feel, form and function of the costume matter a lot but there are some other factors to bear in mind for choosing a perfect one. Here are the things to consider while buying a mascot costume for your college.

Understand the audience

First things first, you need to understand your audience and gauge their pulse to find something that just has the right appeal.

For example, something vibrant and peppy would work for young students but it should still carry a message if you want to make an impact on the parental group.

Try and judge the character that would draw the attention of your audience and pick accordingly.

Prioritize the comfort of the performer

While the costume should go well with the audience, you cannot forget the comfort of the performer who will wear it.

A good fit is mandatory because it will keep them comfortable even if they have to wear it for the entire day.

Choose a fabric that is right for the weather and keeps them easy despite the heat or cold outside. Pick costumes in different standard sizes if you have multiple performers.

Match it with your brand

While your mascot costume should align with the expectations of your audience, it should also be a perfect match for your college’s image. After all, the real purpose of the mascot is to bring your brand to life.

Select a costume that associates your college in terms of colors and design. The best bet is to opt for a Custom mascot costume that is a replica of your image. You can even create something unique, such as a new character that can become your brand’s identity.

Pay attention to quality

Another factor that you cannot afford to ignore while buying a mascot costume is its quality. Since this is a long-term investment for your institution, you should prefer one that is made of durable fabric and has fast colors and quality accessories. Also, check the maintenance requirements because this is not something that you would want to spend a lot on.

other valuable tips:

Your budget matters too

While buying a professional mascot costume, your budget is another factor that can have a significant impact on your choice. Remember that prices are directly connected with the quality and that is the last thing to compromise.

Check and compare prices to find something that comes within your budget. If you are buying a custom option, you can discuss and communicate your budget in advance.

Choosing an experienced agency that specializes in mascot design is a good idea. This is because they can create a unique costume that makes your college stand apart and add the elements of fun and excitement to your events and branding campaign.

Image Credit: college mascot costume by Pixabay

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