4 Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe and Working Through College

4 Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe and Working Through College
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    Your bike can be an important piece of equipment throughout your college career.

    It's a good way to get across campus to your next class when you only have 10 minutes to make it through the crowds of students just like you.


It can also help you explore the town and get to and from places away from the campus proper. However, keeping your bike with you at university means caring for it and mitigating some risks. A few of the tips below may help college students with bikes keep their two-wheeled helpers in good working order.

Clean the Chain

It doesn’t take a lot of wear or damage for the chain on a bike to lose some of its effectiveness. You can mitigate this problem by checking the chain regularly and cleaning it.

A good rule of thumb is to give this part of the bike a thorough cleaning at least once per season. You can also use a wear indicator to check the overall efficiency of this component.

Use a Tarp

A good piece of tarp can keep a student’s bike safe from inclement weather and other elements that might damage it when there is no other covered storage available. This accessory provides a simple yet effective way to keep the moving parts of the bike and its finish looking and performing well.

There is no need to settle for the standard blue or black covers, and you can order custom tarp pieces in any size or shape you might like.

Take Security Precautions

One of the more obvious ways to keep your bike safe while you are in class is to add a proper lock to it. Bike locks come in different configurations and have various locking mechanisms designed to make it hard to remove them. However, locks are not the only consideration here.

College students can also register their bikes with the campus if the school has this service, park them in places that have lots of other bikes around, and bring bikes inside with them at night.

Consider Gel Tires

Bike tires may not be the most expensive thing in the world, but any expense that could have been avoided can hurt a college student’s budget. That’s why gel tire filling can be a great investment, as the gel helps prevent flat tires. The gel fills in small holes as they occur from thorns and other sharp objects on the road, and can save you money from frequent tire replacements.

other valuable tips:

A good bike can help any college student experience the sights and sounds that a university area has to offer. Keeping this transport in working condition and taking some precautions against damage or theft can help to put one’s mind at ease and ensure that everything is ready for the next trip. No matter what tips you might use for bike security, remember to do a quick pre-check of things like the gears, chains, and brakes whenever possible.

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