10 Reasons to Study Abroad at Least Once While in College

10 Reasons to Study Abroad at Least Once While in College
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    College is one of the most exciting times of a young person's life.

    It's a time to expand one's mind, explore ideas, and make lifelong friends. It's a time to have experiences that you will never stop reminiscing about.


One of the best experiences that will make the student meet like-minded people while exploring new cultures is studying abroad. If you are unsure, here are some great reasons to study abroad during your time in college.

Looking for Reasons to Study Abroad? Here Are 10

We have shortlisted 10 great reasons to study abroad.

Look through and you are bound to identify with a reason (or two or three) for why you should study abroad.

  • 1. You Learn About Your Own Culture

    You may not have expected this, but you cannot really understand your own culture until you have immersed yourself in another.

    You will learn how your mannerisms, customs, and values are different from others and how they are similar. You will also learn how your culture and your own country are perceived by others.

    This can help you realize the strengths of your culture as well as its weaknesses.

  • 2. The History

    There is a huge difference in learning history from a textbook and going to a historical monument and learning about it.

    With studying abroad, you get to explore actual remnants of history. Along with your professor and your classmates, you will learn about the history of the country you are visiting.

    It’s like being on a guided tour and earning college credit for it!

  • 3. Adaptability

    If you are afraid of change, then you must study abroad. Forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and adapt to a new country, a new culture, and possibly a new language will teach you how to be adaptable.

    As the world changes and is getting more globalized, it’s imperative that you adapt to other cultures. Studying abroad is a great way to get started.

  • 4. Friendships

    The friendships you will make while studying abroad will last forever.

    Students who study abroad are in a class by themselves. They tend to value friendship, knowledge, and experience very highly.

    These are the friends who will keep in touch after graduation. These are the friends that will push you to take your studies seriously and be focused on your goals during and after college.

  • 5. Quality Education

    One great thing about schools that offer study abroad programs is that they are usually of a high reputation. We advise you to look for a SEVP approved school to find a qualified international university that offers a study abroad program.

    By studying abroad, you are sure to receive a superior education. This is also a great boost to your resume, to show that you studied at a prestigious university in addition to your local university.

  • 6. Exploration

    This is obvious, but the best part of studying abroad is that in addition to your studying, you are exploring.

    You will get to explore different countries—from the world’s most famous cities, to charming villages that are stuck in time. You will meet people who have an international mindset like you, and you’ll meet people from a culture and community that is completely different from anything you have experienced.

  • 7. It Can Be Uncomfortable

    And that’s exactly why it’s a great thing!

    Part of becoming an adult is to overcome uncomfortable situations. Studying abroad will teach you how to do this. You will be uncomfortable being in a different country and a different culture. If you have to interact in a foreign language, you will make mistakes and may feel self-conscious.

    Studying abroad means you will spend a few months away from your closest friends and family. While you will make new friends, you may feel lonely and homesick at times.

    But do not be intimidated by this. This should not deter you from studying abroad. Take it as a challenge and as a part of growing up.

  • 8. Learn a New Language

    If you are not multilingual, you should be. If you are, there’s no harm in adding one more language, is there?

    When choosing where to study abroad, we strongly recommend choosing a country where you do not speak the native language. This will give you a chance to learn a new language and a new mode of communication.

    It may simply be cool to say that you can speak Georgian or you may open yourselves up to opportunities after graduation if you pick up Spanish.

  • 9. Lower Tuition Fees

    While this may not be applicable in every country, there are many countries where tuition is likely to be cheaper than in your native country.

    In fact, to save on a semester’s tuition you may prefer studying abroad just so that you have less in debt.

    While this should not be your priority in choosing a place to study abroad, if you wish to be fiscally conservative, it doesn’t hurt to choose a place that will charge a lower tuition rate than your local university.

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