Healthy Students: Causes of Stress in College Students

Healthy Students: Causes of Stress in College Students
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    If you're out of college, you probably think that those years were the best of your life.

    However, people who are just now going through college report very high levels of stress due to short deadlines, big workload and lack of motivation.


While these are all well-known stress sources, there are other things that can trigger stress in college students. If you’re curious what pains students today, here are just some of the things that cause them anxiety and emotional scarring.

Choosing majors

One of the overlooked stress sources in college students is having to choose majors or careers very early in their education. While some schools allow students to look around and explore various careers, others are forcing them to start taking pre-requisites as early as their first semester. This can cause a lot of stress due to being forced to make hard choices that will have permanent consequences without being ready.

Unhealthy competition

Healthy competition is a great thing that can push you to work harder and achieve amazing results while having fun. On the other hand, once the competition becomes unhealthy and turns to obsessions, things can get really stressful.

Chasing a high GPA, being best in class and getting into the best research groups can cause a lot of stress. After all, we know that good grades lead to better opportunities, scholarships, grad school acceptance and more career choices, so it’s a lot of pressure to perform well.

Expectations from family

While most parents just want what’s best for their kids, many of them pressure their kids to achieve good results or pursue careers they don’t want to be a part of.

Living up to parent’s expectations can be very hard and it can take a toll on students’ health. Normal stress can turn into mental stress that leads to anxiety, depression and even drug abuse and worse.


Most students can’t wait to leave home and start their independent life. However, ask any of them if they feel homesick and many will say yes.

This should not come as a surprise since everyone feels a little bit sad when separated from their family and friends back home.

While feeling lonely and nostalgic is normal, 1 in 10 students will find it very hard to adapt which can result in tons of stress. Luckily, all colleges have support groups and counselors that are ready to help.


College is expensive, no matter how you look at it, and unfortunately, institutions are increasing their tuitions year after year. Both private and community colleges require tuition, books, room and board and once you add everything up, your bill will be staggering. Unless your family is well-off or you have a full scholarship, your education will end up being a huge source of financial stress for you and your family.

Social expectations

College time is supposed to be the wildest time of your life filled with parties and nights out with buddies, but what happens when you get tired? Many students report that they feel forced to go out, drink and have a blast even if they feel like hitting the bed early.

other valuable tips:

One solution is to stop forcing yourself to have fun and lower everyone’s expectations. If you have a costume party to attend during the weekend, don’t waste hours on making your costume from scratch just to stand out.

Simply find a good adult shop and browse their costume section and you’ll find many cute things and wigs you can just throw on. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and still look amazing.

Stress will always be present during college, but if you decide to seek help and counsel, you can learn many new ways to handle and banish it from your student days.

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