College Mental Health Checklist for Students

College Mental Health Checklist for Students
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    Mental health problems are more common than you think.

    They are so common that it is believed that all of us have experienced them at least once.


Those problems can start small, like everyday stress or fear. However, they can turn into anxiety, depression, or even PTSD if not treated.

And, to treat any of these – help is necessary. Yet, the last group of people that would seek help are actually young people – people in college.

College can be the most exciting part of one’s life, but, at the same time, because of all the changes and obstacles, college can also be very overwhelming. You, a college student, must be aware of that!

And, you must keep your mental health in check. One of the easiest ways to do that is to follow this college mental health checklist for students.

Prepare Yourself before Going to College

One of the most important things to do before college is to prepare yourself for it mentally. Of course, you will prepare yourself for things such as how to stay healthy and focused throughout the year, how to deal with various roommates, how not to have financial problems, etc.

These things are all important, but don’t forget to prepare for your mental health too!

There are many ways to prepare yourself mentally before going to college. The easiest way is to do some ‘googling’. You can even talk to your peers, teachers at your current school, or even your parents.

Get informed about mental health problems. Moreover, get informed about what to do if you start experiencing some mental issues.

Have a Plan

If you are somebody who already has mental health problems, one of the key things to do before going to college is to have a plan in case things start going south.

That is, before you take your things to your dorm room, schedule an appointment with the campus mental health doctor.

Talk about your problem, and ask any questions you need answers to. Those can be any questions, from how to handle stress to what to do if you feel like you are on the verge of breaking down.

Open communication is key to keeping your mental health problems in line, so don’t hesitate to talk!

Moreover, since you are somebody who has experienced these mental health problems in the past, it would be a good idea to think about how to prevent issues in the future.

For instance, if being too stressed leads you to substance abuse, you should consider going to rehab. If not treated, the problems from the past will haunt you forever.

Stay in Touch with the People You Care About

Many freshman students suffer from loneliness. We understand – moving out from your family home, saying goodbye to everybody you care about, and coming to an unfamiliar place where you will be surrounded by people you know nothing about, can take their toll on your mental health.

You will probably be scared and experience elevated amounts of stress during this time.

However, a thing you will read in any college mental health checklist for students is that the easiest way to ‘beat’ that loneliness, fear, and stress, is to talk to people back home. Talk to your relatives and your dear friends.

Having a familiar face with whom you can talk can make all the difference. So, don’t forget to schedule a weekly Skype chat – believe it or not, that can help you maintain your mental health in college

Forget About Stigma!

Hey, forget about stigma! We live in the 21st century, so don’t push your problems under the rug. Your mental health issue will not ruin your reputation. The professors will not think less of you – they will help you.

Other college students will not stay away from you – they want to be by your side. And, why? Because all these people have experienced the things, you are experiencing now!

We need to end the mental health stigma! Things like therapy and medication aren’t something you should be ashamed of. You need to know that you are not alone.

And, the only way to find people like yourself, people with whom going through all of this would be much easier, is to let everybody hear your story. Trust us, by doing that, you will not only help yourself, but you will also help many people around you.

Self-Care is Important

Another thing you can read in any college mental health checklist for students is that self-care is important. Of course, self-care cannot treat your depression, but it can help you ease its symptoms. It can also help you let go of stresses that have been piling up all day.

So, don’t hesitate to take a day off every once in a while. And, don’t hesitate o devote that entire day to yourself.

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Do what you love – go on a hike, read a book, meet with your friends, have a spa day, etc. Moreover, don’t listen to anybody who says self-care is only for the rich, selfish, and those with no obligations!

And, it’s not – self-care should be everybody’s priority. You need to care for your bodies and minds, and a self-care day can help.

As you have seen, there are many things on this college mental health checklist for students. However, this may be just 1% of the things you should do for yourself if you are feeling down.

Thus, do some more research and talk to people – you never know what you will find out or what can help you. So, do yourself a favor and educate yourself on various mental health issues and how to take care of them.

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