Erasmus+ Packing List: 6 Items to Pack While Going to Erasmus+ Project

Erasmus+ Packing List: 6 Items to Pack While Going to Erasmus+ Project
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    So, you have just qualified for the Erasmus+ project? Congratulations! This is not a program that is granted to anyone.


We hope that you will be able to make the most out of this opportunity, and in order to do that, you must be able to make the necessary preparations.

That is exactly the objective of this article. We seek to provide you with a list of the absolute essentials to pack before your trip. Let’s get started.

RFID Wallets

Since we want to create a more general guide that will serve as a reference wherever one’s program brings him, we will focus on essentials that are not bound to a specific location. Because of this, the absolute must-have is an RFID wallet since it will protect your money and identification from potential threats.

It blocks the frequencies that most passports and credit cards use to store and transfer our information. There are different types of RFID wallets:

  • Money Clip

    This is the most minimal piece. It will work if you only store a few bills and cards at a time.

  • Bifold

    This is closer to the traditional leather wallet, and since it folds into two, it is still quite minimal and easy to slide into any pocket, yet it also has more space now to accommodate more bills and cards.

  • Trifold

    As the name suggests, this is a wallet that can be folded thrice, and thus, it allows for more storage. However, it might be difficult to slip it into tighter pockets due to its added bulk.

Quality Briefcases

Just like your wallet, getting a quality briefcase is also vital in order to protect your belongings. Get a piece that is durable and weather-proof. Out of all the different types of briefcases out there, though, the one below has got to be our most preferred choice.

  • Wheeled Briefcase

    The wheeled briefcase is a classic piece that offers a lot of room for storing your things. Plus, since it is wheeled, it will be more convenient to lug around even during long walks.

    We recommend getting smaller container bags such as packing cubes for better organization, though. This will also prevent dirtier items, like your shoes, from getting your garments soiled.

Digital Equipment

Now that we are done with the essential storage systems to hold both your money and belongings, we can now move on to talk about the actual items that we need to pack. First on your list should be your digital equipment. After all, these are the gadgets that will help you in your pursuit of knowledge.

  • Your Laptop

    You’ll need one for your papers, reports, and research. Aside from that, though, it’s also an invaluable communication device to contact your friends and family back at home.

  • An iPad

    Let’s face it, though. Carrying a laptop around, especially a particularly heavy one, can be quite inconvenient for someone who’s always on the go. Hence, our preferred note-taking device is still the iPad. Depending on the apps you have installed, you’ll also be able to use it to create digital art, presentations, and more.

  • Your Camera

    And of course, don’t forget to bring your camera along with you on your trip. Your phone can perform this task as well, but it still won’t be able to capture your memories better than an actual camera. We prefer a mirrorless camera since it is more lightweight, yet the quality of its images can equal any DSLR.

Comfortable Shoes

Finally, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes to accompany you on your adventures. We advise you to bring a pair of dress shoes (or heels) for special events. But a comfortable pair, like sneakers or loafers, is what you need for everyday use.

other valuable tips:


Of course, you’d still need to bring items other than the ones we have mentioned above, but those that we did include will be able to serve as a great foundation to build upon as you pack for your trip.

You might have noticed that this guide also did its best to pare down our suggestions. That’s because you’re packing for an entire semester, not just for a two-day trip. Because of this, there will, of course, be a tendency for you to overpack.

However, we strongly advise you to resist the urge and curate your items more carefully in order to stay within the weight parameters required. With these tips in mind, we’re sure that you will be able to decide the essentials that best suit your needs and preferences. Keep safe and have a good trip ahead!

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