Finding a Job in 2020: Tips and Tricks for Recent Graduates

Finding a Job in 2020: Tips and Tricks for Recent Graduates
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    Graduating is the most gratifying moment for students as they are gearing to professional life eager to showcase the detailed knowledge amassed while studying.


University career fair offers students a platform in which they can gauge demand of their professional choice while engaging and perhaps make an impression on potential employers.

But the reality of job hunting can introduce new challenges and frustrations, especially after several applications and interviews with no positive results. How then do you capitalize on your job search and get hired?

Get Work Experience

This may include and not limited to voluntary/charity work in the relatable field you intend to pursue. You may need to start your professional career right from the bottom, not aiming at a six-figure salary right from the start.

As a way of building your resume, starting at an organization at an entry-level position, and scale-up is one of the best options since you will be able to see the company from a ground-level.

It will help you get hands-on experience, and you can easily rise through the ranks if you stick around. Most jobs don’t promote before you’ve worked there for at least six months and usually offer some promotion or pay raise after the first year.

Leverage Social Media

The wave of the digital world has created a ‘know it all feeling’ as information is readily available, and no one wants to be left out. As such, companies are more inclined to advertise a job opening on their websites and social media platforms.

Therefore, ensure that you are tracking their progress and also create an appealing social page with your credentials. The platform will help you showcase your creativity, identity, and build your brand.

It’s important to note that in as much you have an engaging social page, do not only be confined to it alone. Juggle both online and offline, sieving through your targeted companies. In doing so, you will increase your chances of landing a job.


This is the most critical part of your job search. Create connections with fellow graduates and alumni associations.

Besides, attend career events, workshops, seminars, and exchange contacts with the relevant persons in the professional field you are in. Also, create a good rapport with HRs that you may find in these events for consultation.

Statistics show that over 80% of students have attended a career fair. As such, take it upon yourself to engage in as many as possible invites in networking dinners and company presentations. Through networking, over 85% of jobs have been obtained. It’s ideal to seek information and advice in these networking encounters.

Staffing Agencies

Particularly in the age of COVID, employers are lacking essential workers and are also adding safety and cleaning crews they might not otherwise consider. Get acquainted and register with cleaning, data-entry, and safety staffing agencies, as most companies would prefer to forgo the recruiting process and instead outsource human resources from trusted agencies. This may be due to the business productivity where demand varies from season to season, and therefore corporates enjoy the flexibility or getting employees when in need of them.

Staffing agencies have a wide range of connections, which will ease the job placement process for their personnel. These agencies can identify the skill set in demand during various seasons and offer their employees valuable training to stay aloft and fill those gaps.

Broaden Your Job Search

In this day and age, even entry-level positions require a degree; therefore, most companies offer fresh graduates extensive training, which you need to take advantage of. However, do not be limited to only your degree as many people have excelled quite well in fields that they didn’t go to class for, take up opportunities that will be of value to you.

Also, take an intern position, be it paid or unpaid, because many companies prioritize interns for available job openings. There are plenty of online courses that you could leverage and get soft skills that will enable you to work remotely.

other valuable tips:

Resume and Cover Letter

It’s the first step to getting hired; have a well-formatted resume detailing all of your experience. Different job expertise illuminates your ability and personality, which are details that job recruiters focus on. You will notice that in this day and age, organizations are hiring people with two or more sets of skills.

While crafting a cover letter, make it as specific and detailed as possible, narrowing down to the position you are applying for. Avoid at all cost writing generic cover letters, as you will soon realize they find their place in the bin.

Key Take-Aways

It is essential to treat your job search like a job by laying out your plan, listing down the potential companies, and, most importantly, getting a clear cut direction of your profession.

Be patient and persistent in your search and make the necessary adjustments and improvements. Additionally, cultivate a more professional look that will woo your potential employers.

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