How to Jump Start Your First Job Search

How to Jump Start Your First Job Search
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    It's about time to start your life. Whether you're currently a student or you're a recent grad, landing the job you've been working toward won't always be a simple task.

    Your skills and qualifications are fresh, and you want to jump in while you're at the peak of your knowledge.


Now is the time for you to broaden your perspectives and make sure all your ducks are in a row. It may not happen immediately, but if you’re persistent and organized, big things will fall into place in your professional life.

Be willing to compromise

You aren’t going to go straight from college to the CEO seat. You may not even be able to find any kind of executive position. Setting your sights too high is only going to lead to disappointment. Look for positions in your desired industry that are relevant to your degree. The ideal position will have opportunities for you to work your way up within the company. If you’re looking to start out in a very influential, high-powered, high salary position, you’re going to be looking for a very long time.

Optimize your resume

HR people for companies seem to have a similar option when it comes to student resumes – they understand what you focused on in college, and every involvement doesn’t necessarily count as experience. It bulks up your resume, and a lot of the good details get hidden beneath it. You need to make sure your resume is clean and clear. Think of unorthodox experiences and special qualifications you may have, and use those to your advantage. Try to avoid putting down the same things all your peers are putting down.

Don’t limit your search

You need to look in a multitude of places. Job fairs, networking events, and career boards are all equally as important. If you’re focusing too hard on one area or one company, a lot of great opportunities are going to pass you by. While you’re wasting time barking up the wrong tree, a better job may have landed into the lap of one of your colleagues. Put as many lines out as you can to improve your results. A narrow focus won’t produce a variety of results.

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Use your social networks to your advantage

Is there anything you wouldn’t want someone to see if they Googled you? Hide it now. Put all of your personal profiles on strict privacy settings, and create some professional profiles. Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly regarded as the most important for job searches because they’ve been known to produce excellent results. Use your professional profiles to connect with people in your desired industry. You’ll be able to find out about upcoming career opportunities before they’re widely advertised, and it never hurts to get your foot in the door earlier than competing job seekers.

Internships may speed up the process

If you feel like you need more experience for the positions you’re looking at, try taking on some internships. Though most internships are unpaid, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to gain meaningful work experience. Some internships eventually evolve into paid positions. If your job search takes a little longer than you’d like, you can stick with the company you’re interning for until you’ve settled yourself with the right opportunity.

Never let yourself get discouraged. Chances are slim to none that the first resume you send will land you with an eternal position at your dream company. Remember that no matter where you start on the ladder, there’s always a place to climb to.

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