To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor

To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor
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    High school seniors continue to have dreadful feelings about their future because they see student debt increasing.

    The solid facts show that the last decade has yielded a 56% increase of student debt.

    This leaves millions of high school students asking the question "what can I do to make sure i am not a victim of this debt."


More advice from a college friend of mine:

The obvious answers would be to get a scholarship to pay for schooling or to be a part of a wealthy family, but quite frankly those are easier said than done.

The only real answer is to get a job and handle the money that is accrued from the job responsibly. As a senior I heard that and thought to myself “Okay. How do I get a job, when should I start my job, and for how long do I need to work?” These are valid questions, which will be analyzed one-by-one.

Knowing your situation

First it is important to be aware of what you can handle. If you are in numerous AP/honors classes, involved in sports, and are the overseer of siblings then your options are limited. A person with this much responsibility would experience a mental breakdown and crumble into bits if they had the added responsibility of a job during the school year. The answer for those individuals is to get a job during the summer.

Summer jobs may be hard to find, so begin your search early:

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Looking at the other end of the spectrum we can see the students that are not already bombarded with copious amounts of responsibility on a day-to-day basis. Those students are the one’s that might want to consider getting a job during the summer and school year.

The methodology behind getting a job is different for each group. Lets call the students that are already bogged down by responsibility and are seeking a summer job group 1.

Group 1 is better off seeking out local work or seasonal work (summer work in this case), such as a neighbor that requires help, a lawn mowing business, or any other type of work that does not require a set in stone contract.

You may have already picked up on this, but the other group that is not under copious amount of stress is going to be called group 2.

Group 2 is better off seeking out actual jobs with franchises, such as “McDonald’s, “taco bell”, and “KFC.” I would also like to add that group 1 has the potential to accrue college credits only during the summer if they are Senior. That is a rather wise decision because it will save money.

Timing is key

Next lets look at the timing that each group should abide by. (Warning! this content is painfully true) First if you are a senior and are going to college following summer vacation and do not have a financial savior (scholarship or wealthy family) you need to run outside right now and immediately start looking for jobs like your life depended on it.

Once you find a job that is not set in stone then you need to hold on to every penny you earn and be as stingy as possible when it comes to spending your money. If you are a junior, sophomore, or freshman then you known what you need to do. Go find the job and carry it out all the way through your senior year.


Lastly lets talk about the places this article need to go. If you are a senior definitely share this with other seniors in order to help them out. By sharing this you will be bettering the future of many people. Less debt is obviously better than more debt. Share this with juniors, sophomores, and freshmen as well. It is the right thing to do.


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