4 Jobs That Are Perfect for College Students with No Experience

4 Jobs That Are Perfect for College Students with No Experience
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    College can be a great time of personal growth, where students forge new relationships that last a lifetime and find out who they are as people.


Since students are still learning what they need in order to get a professional degree, making money during this period can be tough. Many jobs require a degree already, or they at least want you to have a few years of experience under your belt. Not every place or industry is like that, though.

Here are a few jobs that are ideal for students who don’t have any experience.

Customer Service

You’ve no doubt heard some horror stories about how customer service personnel have to deal with all kinds of odd complaints. While some of these things might be true, it is still a huge industry with great starting benefits for most newcomers.

If you enjoy talking with different people and tend to be upbeat, this could be a good fit for you. In most cases, a simple training course to prep you is all that is required before you can submit your application.


It might surprise you, but you can get an entry-level position as a construction worker with no previous experience. This is because you’ll definitely learn what you need to know from your fellow workers when you go out on construction jobs.

There will be a great deal of hands-on learning, but as long as you follow proper protocols, know how to handle the usual equipment, and take all the safety precautions associated with this kind of job, there is no reason you cannot turn your hand at construction without any experience beforehand.

There is always something ready to be fixed or built, so this industry tends to have a lot of growth and relative job security as well.

Vet Assistant

If you love animals, don’t mind working with computers, and can lift heavy things regularly, here is the job for you. It does usually require a high school diploma, but you’ve already got that covered if you’re in college.

You won’t be required to do any of the more specialized work that you see in a veterinary clinic, although some places might want you to get a certificate after a short course before they hire you. Many such places will let you learn as you go.

Campus Work

No list for college students without experience would be complete without mentioning the various campus jobs they might get. These jobs have a built-in understanding that you might not have experience under your belt or much time to complete extra certifications first.

other valuable tips:

Best of all, there are different jobs that might fit your interests. You can try at the library, campus food court, or financial offices.

While it might be easy to balk at some entry-level positions, try to remember that getting in on the ground floor is already a big step. Many starting positions still give you room to grow and move up the ladder.

Don’t forget to look at jobs like medical billing. In these cases, you can take a course as part of your college time that counts as all the training you might need for a starting position.

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