Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 2

Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 2
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    Going to college can be an intimidating prospect for anyone, but the task can seem far more complex for a non-traditional student...


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Support Services

Many college campuses are offering an increasing number of support services specifically for non-traditional students and their dependents. Researching what resources and services are offered by an establishment of learning can make life easier for a non-traditional student that might need, for example, child care for a toddler during classes.

Other universities offer both part-time and full-time students health care and transportation or parking. Many people suggest that if students find an area lacking support on campus, the student should contact a college representative and make a request. Sometimes issues aren’t addressed simply because no one noticed or brought the issue to anyone’s attention, and a non-traditional student may have the perfect real-world experience to know what is lacking at a university in terms of support or resources.

Family and Friends

Having a support system is important for any college student, even more so for a non-traditional student. Non-traditional students with families and jobs to focus on will have to carefully balance their on-campus and off-campus relationships. When possible, making family members and pre-college friends or coworkers allies in one’s quest for education can help those people to feel included in the non-traditional student’s educational experience.

Allowing older children to help non-traditional students practice with flashcards or interviewing coworkers for a business class midterm project could be excellent ways to allow a student’s close social circle to offer support and expertise.

The non-traditional student should also focus on networking and forming new acquaintances in class or when completing college projects with groups. While the non-traditional student can offer their expertise to other students, having on-campus connections will likely help the non-traditional student to stay plugged in to campus news and technology resources or professional opportunities later down the road.

Of course, establishing boundaries is also very important for the non-traditional student as well. Having the support of family members and friends is positive as long as the support doesn’t become an interruption or hindrance to the student’s ability to finish projects on time or study for exams.


For all college students, higher education can be a challenge that requires careful planning and balance in the various areas of life. Non-traditional students face many of the same challenges, but may need to plan more and adapt plans to succeed in their pursuit of higher learning.

Dedication to education is a worthy pursuit, however, and can be rewarding for non-traditional students socially, emotionally, mentally, and professionally.

Pursue your educational goals today by contacting your college representative and share this article with friends and family to encourage them to reach their full potential as a student. With all of the advantages that more education can provide and all of the doors that a degree can open for people, sharing tips that make the dream accessible and helps others to be successful helps everyone in the community.


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