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5 Awesome Work-Study Jobs for College Students

Getting some work-study jobs under your belt while you do a college program is an amazing way to put something good on your resume. In fact, it is recommended by the Department of Education.

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7 Best Part-time Jobs For College Students

Are you a college student and looking for a part time job? Then you’ve come to the right place!


The 3 Key Opportunities in College For College Students

Tweet You might just be coming out of high school and have never been open to such a huge world, but don’t worry, college is at your feet and will

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To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor

Tweet The obvious answers would be to get a scholarship to pay for schooling or to be a part of a wealthy family, but quite frankly those are easier said

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Top 5 Reasons Why Working During College is More Valuable

Tweet Usually, college is portrayed as a time when you should focus on your studies and have as much fun on the side as possible. While this is the approach

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College Career Fair Resume Advice

College seniors have an excellent employment seeking tool at their disposal: the college career office. Every school has one, a place where students can turn to for resume writing help, interview tips, job leads and more.

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Go South, Recent Grad!

Tweet Forbes magazine runs an annual report called, Best Cities For College Grads, where they track current job opportunities for recent college graduates. This year’s report is in and graduates

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How Will You Spend Your Summer Break?

Tweet Over the next few weeks thousands of US colleges will ending their Spring semesters finishing up yet another school year. Many students are graduating and seeking their first jobs,