Small Furniture That Makes Small Spaces Look Bigger

Small Furniture That Makes Small Spaces Look Bigger
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    Sometimes you're stuck with a living space that's smaller than your dreams for it.

    That doesn't mean you can't add items that may look miniature but go a long way toward giving your room more presence.


From college dorm rooms to apartment bedrooms, a few well-chosen pieces can give your tiny space a lot more oomph. Here’s some surprisingly small furniture that makes small spaces look bigger.

Clean Up and Cut Back

Before you start adding pieces, make way for them first. Clutter is the biggest block to having more space, and one of the easiest things to eliminate. Whether you choose to hold everything in your hand and decide if it brings joy or simply throw assorted odds and ends into a donation box, get rid of all that extra junk.

Clearing space gives you more space, obviously. Store a third, donate a third, and trash a third—you’ll see your living area expand in no time.

Small and Compact

More than likely, a single piece of furniture will dominate the space. With studio apartments, it’s almost always the bed.

Convertible couches, sleeper chair-beds, and bifold or trifold futon frames can turn two useful pieces into one, freeing up floor area.

Both you and your room will breathe easier during the day. Accompany this with an extendable coffee table that can be raised up into a dining table or workspace.


Dorm rooms bring a different challenge. Usually already equipped with bedframes, space is cut down to almost nothing but a few feet in between them.

Whether you have carpentry know-how or purchase premade kits, lofts can raise your beds and add several square feet underneath.

Add some modular shelves to the loft frames and a foldable or saucer chair beneath, and you’ve stacked your sleeping and living space on two different levels.

Benches are Best

Benches come in different styles, provide visual variety, places to relax, and sometimes storage space. While a chair is just a chair, a bench is a multifunctional piece of furniture and a prime example of small furniture that makes small spaces look bigger.

It can be a place to read and study, play (and store) games, get ready for the day, or somewhere to sit and simply daydream. Consider placing a bench at the end of your bed or the far side of the room as a lovely and useful focal point.

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Lighten Up

If you can paint the area, go for a lighter pink, yellow, grey, or taupe, and make sure it reflects any sunlight. Let the sunshine in with gauzy or otherwise light-colored curtains.

Overall, keep things light and bright in your decorating. By extension, don’t fill every space. Bookshelves shouldn’t be jampacked, for example.

Cause for Reflection

Mirrors add the illusion of space without taking up too much of it. Hanging mirrors on the doors and walls adds depth to a small room while giving you a place to prepare for the day. Hang mirrors that have more reflective surface than frame to open things up.

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