Best Homemade Crafting Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Best Homemade Crafting Gifts for Your Loved Ones
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    Gift-giving can be challenging to master with a busy schedule of work, classes, and social activities.

    Nothing is worse than procrastination panic before a holiday gift exchange.


Haphazardly grabbing and buying the closest present you can conjure can leave you feeling insincere. Instead of giving gifts, try creating them. To learn more about some of the best homemade crafting gifts for your loved ones, follow our guide.

Clay Creations

Who doesn’t love a homemade plate or mug? Crafting with clay is a fun and simple way to put your creative talents to the test. Start with a mushy mess of wet clay, and sculpt your homemade gift to perfection. Whether the result is a shapely masterpiece or an abstract interpretation, you’ll have made your gift with love.

If sculpting clay isn’t your style, consider visiting a local pottery painting studio. These studios offer plenty of premade clay pieces. Simply find what pottery you’d like to paint and pick from a wide variety of colors to personalize your present. Whether you prefer to paint your pottery at a local store or invest in your clay creation kit, your finished art will be the perfect customized gift.

Milk Candles

The name sounds funky, but these homemade gifts are a simple and sincere token of your appreciation for your loved ones.

First, consider what scents your loved ones would enjoy. Once you find the perfect scented wax, heat it on a stovetop until it melts with no lumps or inconsistencies.

Next, add in milk and any additional scents or color dyes you desire. Once your wax and milk are well combined, grab a mason jar or glass container.

Before pouring your mixture, tape a candlewick to the middle of a straw or pencil and lay it across your container rim.

Once you have positioned your container and wick, pour your melted milk candle inside, and let it solidify and dry. In no time, with little-to-no cost, you have a homemade and personalized gift for your loved ones.

Personalized Thank You Cards

Sometimes, the best homemade crafting gifts for your loved ones are not gifts. Crafting customized cards is a simple and touching detail to remind family and friends why homemade gifts are unique.

If you are talented with a needle, sew different designs and colorful thread patterns onto ordinary cardstock. If you are looking for a more straightforward design process, craft your cards with bright ribbon bows or twine.

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You can also customize any regular cardstock material using fabric cut-outs to iron onto your personalized notes. If you prefer your cards with sparkle, add splashes of glitter or sequins.

Whether you design and decorate each card for specific recipients or brand your own collection of personalized thank-you notes, this homemade craft is sure to express your love and appreciation.

Gift-giving does not need to be a reoccurring headache. With homemade crafting presents like these, you’ll never have to experience the procrastination panic of gift-giving again.

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