Repurpose Your Old Leather Items

Repurpose Your Old Leather Items
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    Products made from animal pelts are very durable and useful in a variety of settings.

    As such, it's a shame when people throw away their old leather goods without considering the many ways they could -adapt them for a new purpose.


For those who want to be more conscientious with their animal product waste, here are some helpful ideas for how you can repurpose your old leather items.


Perhaps the easiest on this list to repurpose, leather belts that may have become frayed or split can still serve as durable straps for luggage or camera bags. You can also use them for dog collars, bracelets, and cabinet hinges.

If you have a big collection of belt leather, you can even use it as chair strapping bottoms.

Shoes or Boots

Repurposing leather shoes is a bit more difficult but not impossible. One popular use of old leather shoes is to turn them into novelty planters.

Simply fill an old shoe with potting soil, throw in a seed or two, place the shoe outside in the bright sunshine, and leave the rest to photosynthesis. In no time, you’ll see a plant growing from the shoe.

Also, consider collecting worn-out dress shoes and sewing them together into pillow covers and bags.


If you noticed your wallet is falling apart, don’t just throw it in the trash. There are several productive and helpful ways to repurpose the leather in your wallet.

For starters, you can cut the leather into pieces and use it to make strong ties in the garden or the workshop. Also, consider using the leftover leather from your wallet as a bookmark.


Jackets offer a lot of options if you want to repurpose your old leather items. Even someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of sewing can turn an old leather jacket into a purse or wallet. If the jacket is very old, cut it into small strips and braid it into jewelry.


With so much material coming from the leather in couches or cars, you have a multitude of ways to repurpose leather upholstery. Resew it into some of the items already on this list, like jackets, wallets, or other small items like bags and jewelry.

It can also make much bigger items, like quilts, rugs, kitchen chair bottoms and backs, ottomans, and benches.

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Wrapping It Up

Leather is one of the best materials humans have ever cultivated. Its durability and adaptability make it endlessly useful. It’s a shame that more people don’t know how to use their leather items beyond their original purpose.

For those who want to be more conscientious with how you use your leather goods, knowing what the leather in your hand might one day become is your first step. With a little creativity, you might start to realize how much potential there is in the objects you interact with every day.

Image Credit: repurpose your old leather item by Pixabay

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