How To Furnish an Apartment With Little to No Money

How To Furnish an Apartment With Little to No Money
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    Moving out of the dorms is a freeing feeling for most college students.

    Living in an apartment opens so many possibilities, but those also come with responsibilities.


One of the most difficult ones is furnishing your new home. Your area may have a decent amount of pre-furnished apartments, but not everyone can get that lucky. If you’re one of the unlucky few, it’s vital to learn how to furnish an apartment with little to no money since it’s unlikely that you’re sitting on piles of cash while in college.

Figure Out What You Absolutely Need

When going furniture shopping, it’s easy to get carried away with items that look nice, but that’s not necessary for a first apartment. That’s why you need to make a list of needs and try not to stray far from them.

Things like a bed, couch, and desk are necessities, while a dining table isn’t. Most people tend to eat on the couch these days, so a table you never eat at is a waste of your budget.

Of course, different people have different needs, which is why you need to create your list specifically for you.

Reach Out to Family and Friends for Their Old Stuff

You or your parents most likely know someone who is getting rid of something in their house. Who better to give it to than a struggling college student? If you are close to this person, they may give it to you free of charge.

At the very least, they’ll sell to you at a steep discount. Also, since you know them, you’ll have a decent idea of its condition.

Look Into Other Cheap Alternatives

If the family-and-friends idea falls through, there are still many options. Thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces, such as Craigslist, are good starting points for anyone looking for cheap furniture. If you decide to go thrifting, check out reviews to see which stores have the better-quality stuff.

For those wanting to cruise around looking for garage sales, you should also keep an eye out for furniture at the end of driveways. Many assume that this means the furniture is garbage, but many people who are moving will throw out a perfectly good couch because they don’t have any other options.

Regardless of what you choose, though, buy furniture cautiously. Not all of it is good quality.

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Make the Best of What You Get

The key takeaway from our list on how to furnish an apartment with little to no money is that even if it’s not perfect, it’s fine if it’s usable. Never turn down a decent sectional couch at a great price because it’s not the right color.

You can easily find slipcovers for it that will fit perfectly and match the rest of the room. There are always options available to make it work for your new place.

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