The Easiest Plants To Grow In Your Dorm Room

The Easiest Plants To Grow In Your Dorm Room
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    As you get settled into your college dorm, you look to see an empty spot on your desk.

    Fill that empty void with a low-maintenance plant to care for.


If you’ve recently finished decorating your dorm room and noticed an empty spot on the shelf or desk, you might want to place something low maintenance there that fits your room’s overall aesthetic. One of the best things you could place there is a plant. Here is our curated list of the easiest plants to grow in your dorm room.

Ponytail Palm

This gorgeous palm might not be the classic palm from California, but it still looks just as beautiful and dramatic. A ponytail palm has pom-pom style foliage and is a low-maintenance plant that only requires water every seven to ten days. Place this beauty in a sunny spot on the windowsill or right on top of your desk. A fun fact about this plant is that like many plants, it absorbs carbon and releases oxygen—you won’t have to go to class with a headache!

Succulents and Cacti

Bring the desert to your dorm room with these down-to-earth, boho succulents and cacti. The cacti aren’t big and spiky, and succulents don’t contain any spikes, so you won’t have to worry about getting poked. The only care they require is sunlight and watering every one to two weeks. They’re not only perfect for the busy college student’s dorm room, but they also help increase attentiveness in students—it’s beneficial for lecture halls to have these plants in them.

Lucky Bamboo

If you want some luck for midterms and finals, the lucky bamboo is for you. This houseplant comes with straight, woven, or shaped bamboo-like stems that contain gorgeous, lush green foliage. The lucky bamboo needs partial lighting, and you only need to water it every other day. A remarkable fact about this plant is that students tend to concentrate better when it’s around and, legend has it, it helps your grades improve.

Peace Lily

Though not common on lists such as this, a peace lily has dark green leaves and huge white petals that make it impossible not to stare at and admire for a moment. For the peace lily, all that’s required is partial to full sunlight and frequent watering. According to the fun facts about peace lilies, students who have this plant have improved their memories.

ZZ Plant

Not only can you catch some easy z’s and not worry about waking up early to water your plant, but the ZZ plant can also actually hold water in its stems, so you only need to water it every now and then. You need the ZZ plant because it’s a more attractive alternative to the typical, boring houseplant. The coolest fact about this plant is that it can help improve your sleep quality, especially if you stay up due to stress.

These plants aren’t only swoon-worthy, but they’re also the easiest plants to grow in your dorm room. If you bought multiples, consider setting them up to help conserve space in your dorm. These plants will help complete the aesthetic and give you the best benefits to help you succeed this school year.

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