Housing Options To Consider After Freshman Year

Housing Options To Consider After Freshman Year
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As you may know, most colleges require first-year students to stay in their dormitories, but once sophomore year hits, they have the freedom to live where they want.

Now that you’re gearing up to head into your second year of college, you’ll need to know a few housing options to consider after freshman year. Read on to find out which housing option is best for your wallet, studies, and preferences!

Residence Halls

Of course, you always have the option of staying in your campus’ residence halls. Staying in a dorm may be more affordable and easier to navigate since you’re already familiar with the campus.

Although the residence hall living requirement is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay there. If you’re comfortable with the close living quarters that dorms typically offer, dorm life might be the best option for you!

You may choose to live in a different residence hall based on your major or interests, making dorm life more fun and versatile during your remaining years of college.

Back Home

As “lame” as it sounds to move back in with your family, it may be an excellent option to consider. Living with your parents—even for one year—can be instrumental in helping you save money for the future. Talk with your family to determine if this living option is right for you.

Fraternity or Sorority

Are you interested in Greek life? If so, you can participate in your college’s fraternity or sorority. Living with your frat brothers or sorority sisters can help you meet new friends and explore the different facets of college living.

Check with your university to find out how to get involved in Greek life and what your options are.

Campus Apartments

Some universities offer on-campus apartments for college students to live in while they complete their degrees.

Campus apartments offer you independence while allowing you to remain close to the school. However, while you have more autonomy than you did in your dorm, you still need to abide by student living regulations. Still, if you’re unfamiliar with the college town, you may want to consider on-campus living. It may be more convenient and affordable than other living options.

Off-Campus Apartments

Off-campus living gives you more independence than any on-campus living can offer you, as you’ll be living in the “real world” while attending school!

Off-campus apartments may also offer a pool or gym to help you stay active during the colder months. If you’re worried about expenses, you can live with roommates to offset any additional costs that typically come with off-campus apartments. Just be sure to analyze your budget to determine if apartment vs. dorm housing is right for you.

Now that you understand these housing options to consider after freshman year, you’re ready to spread your wings and fly into your next years of college!

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