5 Numbers You Should Have On Speed Dial If You Are Not Living On Campus

5 Numbers You Should Have On Speed Dial If You Are Not Living On Campus
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    Off-campus housing can be beneficial for most students.

    Off-campus rents are usually cheaper, and the majority of students feel more comfortable when living alone or with their close friends.


Some people prefer living in dorm rooms, but we all know that this lifestyle is not for everyone. If you have the opportunity to live outside your university’s campus, you should embrace it.

However, keep in mind that living as a tenant comes with a variety of responsibilities. You will have to maintain the house and keep it in good condition. Don’t let that scare you.

There is a solution to every problem, but you need to know where to look. It’s a good practice to have critical contacts on speed dial in case something goes wrong and you need urgent professional assistance.


If you rent a house, you will probably have to maintain the area around the construction as well. Taking care of a large property is not easy, but you don’t have to do it at all.

Hire a gardener to mow your lawn and water the green areas. They will also trim the bushes and trees and keep the property clean and in good condition. Removing large branches is vital because they can cause a lot of damage.

Hire a gardener, and they will be responsible for the maintenance of the backyard. The last thing a student wants to do is clean the gutters or remove the weeds from pavers. Having a gardener on speed dial will save you a lot of time and effort. Invest in their service, and you will never experience any troubles with a meticulous landlord.

Professional cleaning service

We all know that the beginning of a new semester starts with a housewarming party. Celebrating the start of a new academic year is fun, but dealing with the mess afterwards is daunting.

If you love to host parties, it’s advisable to invest in professional cleaning service to avoid cleaning the house on your own.

Some students don’t have the time to maintain and clean the house often. Hiring someone to visit and clean your home will make your life as a tenant a lot easier.

However, it’s vital not to neglect your house and personal hygiene during examination periods.

Take care of yourself and your living area. You will feel more productive if your personal space is clean and tidy.


Broken or leaking pipes are one of the most common problems most homeowners experience at least once a year. Don’t panic, because there is a quick solution to this problem. Find a reliable plumber in your area and contact them as soon as you notice any signs of damage.

Whether you need to replace an existing hot water system or stop the leaks that are forming around your toilet, your plumber will be able to find a solution for your problem. Ask your neighbors to recommend affordable plumbing service and contact them as soon as possible.

It’s a good practice to inform your landlord about the malfunctions in the house. In some cases, they will call the plumbers and pay for their service. If you’re not responsible for the damage, it’s okay to ask for financial compensation if you pay for the service.


Electricity is dangerous, and it’s vital not to disregard major electrical problems around your house. Having a licensed electrician on speed dial will ensure you always have someone to call if you need professional assistance.

Do not try to fix electrical issues on your own. Instead, search for the best commercial electrician in Langwarrin has to offer. Neglecting the problems may lead to more damage. That’s why it’s vital to invest in high-quality service and inform your landlord about the malfunctions on your property.

A general handyman

If you notice that some of your devices don’t work, hiring a general handyman can save you a lot of money. Instead of buying new appliances and gadgets, you can have them fixed for an affordable price. Depending on the experience, your handyman may help you fix other malfunctions as well.

other valuable tips:

They will be able to perform minor repairs such as repainting your walls or changing faulty locks. Either way, it’s advisable to have a local handyman on speed dial if you don’t know how to repaint the walls or anchor a shelf to the wall.

If you’re sceptical about letting strangers in your house, ask someone for recommendations. Some landlords live close by, and you can contact them as well if you need their assistance.


Living in a new city in alone or with your friends is fun, but it can also be scary. It’s time to learn how to be an adult and take care of yourself and your new house. It may be hard to adapt to changes, but it’s necessary if you want to grow and become a responsible human being.

Give yourself time to adapt to your new lifestyle and take one step at a time. After a while, you will learn how to maintain your house and rely on professionals in case you notice serious issues.

Living alone is a life-changing experience. Once you discover the best way to handle your responsibilities as a tenant, both you and your landlord will be happy and satisfied.

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