College Life – What You And Your Friends Need to Know!

College Life – What You And Your Friends Need to Know!
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    College, your one last step towards reaching your dreams.

    As you finish your studies, you can be a doctor, you can be a lawyer, you can be an engineer, an architect, a chef, a journalist, a businessman.


Basically, you can be anything you always wanted to be.

It’s a nice feeling that after everything you have gone through, you are now finally here, at the final stage.

Those entering a good and reputable University is a plus but of course, any school would be fine as long as you, as a student, do your part and study, you will definitely reach your goal.

Choosing Your College Major

For those still unsure of what they’re going to take, here’s some advice for you:

  • Determine what your interests are
  • You should know what you enjoy doing
  • You should know what you’re good at
  • Try to consult your parents or your guardian (It is still up to you but it would also be nice if you’ll also consider what your parents/Guardian wants for you)
  • Also, look up what’s in demand in this day and age (it’s not bad to be practical at times and think of your future).

Now, if you think of college as being very toxic and stressful, yes you are correct. But let me tell you that stress is not the only thing you’ll get when you enter college. Well of course aside from that you’ll learn your academic lessons, you will meet new people and you will make new friends, you will discover new talents, you will have new skills (such as doing a project or a report a night before the deadline).

College will definitely make you experience new things for the very first time! You might also fail for the first time, but when that happens, just know that failing is perfectly fine. It’s normal so don’t be so down and sad when you see a failed mark on your report card. Failing is equaled to learning but of course at a different level.

other valuable tips:

A lot of successful people failed before they got a taste of success! A lot had experienced failure once, a lot experienced it twice and a lot had experienced it more than twice.

Always remember that having failure is one important lesson we should all understand. It makes us become more careful. It makes us become wiser and it makes us become more creative.

All in all, college is a great training ground to help you become a great doctor, or lawyer, or journalist, or an architect, a pilot or even a chef!

Share this one if you know someone or if you are about to go to college! A lot of fun is waiting for all of you! Enjoy!

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