The Pros and Cons of Living On or Off-Campus

The Pros and Cons of Living On or Off-Campus
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    Most students take college life as easy and fun, but without making responsible decisions it can be very challenging.

    One of the most important decisions to make is about accommodation.


To decide on whether or not to live on or off campus, there are several factors that needs to put into consideration. You have to think of an ideal location , picking a roommate, travelling costs etc. You have to weigh out the many possibilities to settle to the best one.

Living on or off campus have both disadvantages and advantages. Let’s have a look at some of these.

Living on-Campus

  1.  It is very convenient. You can wake up 20 minutes before class time and still get there on time. You don’t have the hassle of commuting and dealing with traffic issues.
  2. You will get to make many new friends easily while living on campus. This is good for your social well-being.
  3. You only pay for the room once and never have to worry about monthly house rent and other utility bills for the whole semester.
  4. It’s a built-in community. Ensure you participate in the other activities that take place after class time. This include sports, cultural activities, seminars and extra lectures.
  1. Hostel life is full of tight rules including eating time and time to report back to the hostels. Some hostels don’t allow people of the opposite gender to visit each other. You might be required to attend hostels meetings sometimes.
  2. Staying on campus can be quite expensive depending on the fees structure of the school.
  3. You will have to cope up with less space and no privacy while living on campus. You have to share the small room and live with people around you all the time.
  4. There is no-exposure when living inside campus. Many tend to ignore the outside world and get stuck to the universities’ cultures.

Living Off-Campus

  1. It is quite cheaper to live off campus. It might require a lot of effort to settle in a house but once you are settled, it is much cheaper than living inside campus.
  2. There is the flexibility of choosing the roommate you want. You will also have the freedom of having friends around your place.
  3. Having your own house, you will not be moving out every semester. You are free to live as long as you want to with your stuff at one place
  4. No rules, more freedom, space and independence. Set your rules in your own house and enjoy the freedom.
other valuable tips:
  1. Walking or driving to school can be quite handful. Meeting up with traffic and taking much time to travel to school can be challenging.
  2. You will have to pay monthly rent and utility bills, buy food stuffs and attend to many other responsibilities.
  3. Social interaction becomes less. You might be losing important information sometimes circulated campus or such could be reaching you while its already late. If you are a participant in other college activities, you will be forced to extend past college hours.
  4. You will incur extra costs on buying furnitures and other household items. Sometimes you will have to cater for apartment maintenance costs.

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